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Google Clips Camera: A Smart Camera to Help You Capture Perfect Shots Effortlessly

Google Clips Camera

If you can remember the hardware event of Google in last October, you might have seen the compact and AI-powered Google Clips. This powerful AI-powered camera launched last year has just arrived in the market for sale. The hardware which packs powerful photo shooting features within its cute design was awaited for too long and now is out for the delight of users.

Price and availability

The launch of the camera which happened last year without much hype and fanfare itself shows Google was not very keen on the actual time of making the product available in the market. Surprisingly, it is now only available in the Google Store in the US for a price of $249. Google still didn’t say anything on the availability of the camera in the international market. The shipping of the products against orders will start from February end or March this year. So, in any case, you cannot lay your hand on the product instantly.

What’s really so important about it?

For the users who never have seen such small and almost palm hidden camera, it can be an extraordinary device with an always-on camera powered with artificial intelligence. The AI-power of the camera will help to make the right judgment for capturing a particular shot. This helps you doing away the indecisiveness of pressing the shutter common with many of us. If you are not professionally trained and well equipped as a cameraman, this small and feature-rich camera can help you circumvent the difficulties of capturing shots.

First and commendable smart camera from Google

Google Clips embodies the companies ambition to make a foray into the smart camera market. It is equipped with AI capabilities to capture snaps you may not be able to take with regular expertise. Launched alongside the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL in the last October Google event Google Clips can help any untrained hands to grab perfect shots in all walks of life.

There are several smart capabilities that this camera is equipped with. It can automatically adjust the resolution as per the situation besides being capable to run in low-light mode. It also boasts of a 130-degree lens to capture more of the visuals within the frame.

Google Clips is capable of capturing around fifteen frames every second and employs machine intelligence to grab the perfect shots from the series of shots captured in the burst mode. According to Google, the camera has a feature called Moment IQ which is capable of figuring out the moments lens remain covered and also the best expressions within the frame to capture for a perfect shot. These capabilities really deliver an effortless and error-free photo shooting experience for the newbies and professionals alike.

The camera lens comes with the Gorilla Glass 4 protection. It also comes with the manual shutter button in case you do not want the algorithm to be in control of the device. You can control power by just twisting the lens while the backside clip works as the stand.

Best in class specs

The camera comes loaded with 16GB of storage. The battery according to Google can last for three hours of capture. It also comes equipped with WiFi Direct to transfer photos to your smartphone. As for working with a smartphone, minimum Android 7.0 Nougat or latest, or iOS 10 or iOS 11 are required. The device is also equipped with Bluetooth LE and a USB-C. There is a 2-inch square shutter button, a 12MP sensor and wide 130-degree field of view for awesomely crisp shots. The 16GB of storage is enough to accommodate 3 hours of video. Besides its awesome smooth capture features and AI-powered effortless photographic ability, Google Clips also holds together best in class specs in every department.

A final note

Do you find the $249 price a little expensive? Well, it may give you an impression like that. But considering the awesome features, cute form factor, quality specs and effortless photography experience, it deserves an applause. Google Clips is likely to be the best camera for non-professionals who are looking for a smart camera to capture them perfect shots without going deeper into technicalities and photographic craft.