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Google’s Chromecast 2 – Intelligence is now in your Living Room Itself!

Google Chromecast 2

Google just announced the new Chromecast 2 – the streaming device that now boasts of a different design, a circular shape, and three bright colours. Under the hood, Google now supports for 5GHz W-Fi and a new antenna system too that will result in better performance.

There is a new Chromecast app for the same too. One can search for live streaming apps with voice commands and work around suggested content too. Gaming is on emphasis too as you can even cast the game from your smartphone to the TV display. Multi-player modes are supported too as each phone will host one individual controller for gaming.

Showtime, NBA, NHL, and even the latest Sling TV now support Chromecast. One can even change wallpapers as per one’s will.

Taking over the Living Room!

Google is now ready to convert your living room with the new Chromecast 2, Chromecast Audio, and a Chromecast App.

  • Flinging content onto your TV with the help of Internet is what transforms the idiot box into one smart device.
  • Even the speakers will now have some smarts with the new Chromecast. The new Chromecast app helps you find what you could watch on TV.
  • One would not need any remote or controller for the same.
  • The original Chromecast sold 20 million devices and now in its second avatar, is available in orange and yellow (coral and lemonade to be precise).
  • The HDMI slot is built-in in the new version and with its new price of $35, it leaves all of its competitors far behind.

Imagery-driven Display

The ambient photos can now be shown on TV powered by Google Photos, Getty Images, and even your own Facebook photos. One can even connect to 500px and Pixlr for a completely customized experience.  To capture the best quality of content, the built-in HDMI cable along with three different Wi-Fi antennas picks the best one moment with algorithmic approach.

Gaming Redefined

Google is now focusing on gaming and starting with a new version of Angry Birds called “GO” for Chromecast. The game is expected to play fast without any buggi-ness whatsoever. A number of gorgeously rendered games are going to be released with Chromecast in mind.

Some of the games that are in line of development include Angry Birds Friends, WGT Golf, Mini Motors WRT and the like.

The Dumb Speakers will now be Smart!

“Casting” to dumb speakers is something that Chromecast audio works for. It has high-quality capabilities, and boasts of 2 watt RMS with an optional optical digital out for its hybrid port. One just has to use the Chromecast app for getting your favorite music directly to the speaker, without any hook-ups and no recompression of the audio files.

By the end of the year, it is expected that the Chromecast app will have multi-room support for both Chromecast and It’s Audio.

Chromecast 2 App

It’s new app helps you switch around your TV channels quickly and seamlessly. The technology utilizes fast search results and optimizes the cast model. Google has got search for TV perfectly well as the new Chromecast scenario leverages the goods that the tech giant has to offer.

For developers, a new feature has been introduced called “Fastplay.” This feature tries to predict what you might be interested to search. For example, if you are presently watching three episodes of “Seinfeld,” season, episode four might queue up and will be streamed fast right to your TV. Developers can add their own tweaks to alter the experience too.

The Verdict

With the new Chromecast 2, Google is getting all the controls back to your phone. Google leads the pack of other tech players in the field by default since the learning curve is very small. This $35 gadget now poses stiff competition to smart TVs utilizing the touch interface to signal the future.