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Gold Phantom – Speakers with Gold Plated Panels and Impeccable Features

Gold Phantom Speaker

Devialet, the French audio company behind the 2015 CES award-winning silver phantom compact speakers, announced their most powerful and precise-sounding audio product ever: The Gold Phantom. Now the company is adding a new member to the family, and it’s both the most powerful and most expensive model yet.

A powerful speaker with gold-plated side panels and audio quality that is too superb, in the right environment, is out of this world. Boasting a claimed 4,500 watts of power providing up to 108 dB of volume and featuring 22-karat Rose Gold highlights. It’s the most high-end luxury speaker the company has ever created, matching or beating the Phantom and Silver Phantom in every audio category. The Gold Phantom claims to kick-out frequencies as low as 14Hz and highs up to 27kHz thanks to a new titanium tweeter.

Overall Design

The overall design of Gold Phantom Speakers is designed to look like some ovular space egg, with cylindrical drivers firing outwards from both sides extending and receding in a blur of sound and motion. It actually includes the precious metal in the finish. The “gills” on each side are covered in 22-carat rose gold.

The aluminum midrange and bass drivers remain, as does the ability to support hi-res audio up to 24-bit/192kHz. With the power and compact design of digital amps, the Phantom speaker also has two of Devialet’s high-excursion bass drivers that create a visceral sound similar to soundstage speakers. These soundstage of speakers are 20 times its size as the dual bass drivers move in tandem accordingly.

Working Performance of Gold Phantom Speakers

The Phantom Gold speakers are controlled by the Phantom spark app for both Android and iOS sets. plays music from your phone as well as Tidal and Spotify Connect, plus Deezer and Qobuz in applicable markets. You have the option of Bluetooth and you can pair them together for stereo listening also. The range of the speaker exceeds that of the human ear, extending to an ultrasonic 27kHz on the high end, and reaching all the way down to 14Hz in the basement.

Technical Specifications

The configuration of Gold Phantom speakers has – two bass shells, one mid, and one tweeter – and the embedded Heart Bass Implosion technology. The audio potential can be a pricey proposition as it has the ability to reproduce sounds well below the normal range of hearing.

For connectivity purpose, the speakers are installed with features of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which also adds AirPlay. There is even an optional Dialog accessory, streaming from services like Spotify, Tidal, and Deezer.

The other improvement is that the power has been boosted yet again from a ridiculous 3,000 watts that have enabled to remove an extra couple of decibels out of the machine to top out at 108 decibels.

How to Buy it?

Devialet has come a long way since they launched and they have created amazing stuff amazing in an inexpensive package. They have built some cool speakers for the average person. The Devialet Gold Phantom will be available on France’s national holiday, Bastille Day, July 14 to pre-order for £2190. Consumers will get a solid, good-looking speaker that has some amazing audio reproduction with a Devialet companion app for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac and you can pair up to 24 units together for a multi-room platform.

Verdict for this Device

The company have made some vibrant changes in their latest device about extending frequency response but also providing a smoother response in the mids and treble. From an aluminum tweeter to a stiffer titanium one, Gold Phantoms in the range will also see an improvement to their units with future firmware.

This is obviously not your typical Bluetooth speaker. However, Gold Phantom will probably do almost as good a job. The advantages are that it is a portable and easy way to fill your home with true hi-fi. So let’s hope to see some integrating new music services over time from Devialet.