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Glance Clock – The Smartest Clock that is Smarter than Any Other Clock

Glance Clock

Nowadays many tech gadgets are becoming smarter through technology and the power of innovation. These devices are meant to not only improve the quality of our lives but to also make long-time dreams into realities. One such company is TechDesign a startup from Singapore that has invented world’s first smart wall clock, the Glance Clock. It displays information by just glancing at the clock on the wall.

This clock achieves much more than just telling what time of the day it is. It’s a smart wall clock that displays data from varied wearables and smart home devices without being distracted from current tasks. Other than this it also notifies meeting reminders, weather forecast, fitness tracking, UBER alerts, and even more.

It is a thoughtful notification device that helps you organize and enjoy your day. Surely Tech Design has taken a familiar object and has given it a unique 21st-century spin, to assist in your busy life.

About Glance Clock

The look of Glance Clock is like an ordinary clock in which the Data can be displayed in three ways:

  1. Whole screen blinking,
  2. Displayed colored arcs and
  3. Displaying segments, or combinations of all three.

Using the app, and with the help of sensor it creates a personal profile so that it understand what data should be displayed and the clock will go off when you sleep or are out of the room.

The Glance clock has the capacity to run up to nine months on a single charge from its rechargeable battery. Other than this you can also be run from a power cable and USB adapter if you want to run it all the time.

Elegant Design

Tech Design form has given a unique and elegant design to this Glance clock. The front portion of the clock is made of cloth with an aluminum enclosure surrounding it. There are LEDs behind the face to showcase bright-colored notifications.

We can surely imagine a future where public infrastructure could interact with your personal devices through Glance’s connected technology. As with Glance, it has certainly made a dream into reality.

The Working of Glance Clock

The system of Glance is made quite unbelievable as it gets data from the cloud, where all the popular applications and smart devices are integrated. You need to use an App and sync with the device from where you can choose what all information you need to get displayed on your Glance Clock.

In the case of any notifications the Glance Clock is completely silent all the time, thanks to the precise clock movement. You can even use this Glance clock with the voice control by connecting it to Amazon Alexa.

Smart Features of Glance Clock

  • You can see your day’s schedule colorfully represented on the clock face.
  • Get prompt reminders about meetings and important dates.
  • Glance Clock has the feature that will gently alert you of incoming calls and texts.
  • Can stay up to date about weather updates throughout the day.
  • Can set alarms to help you coordinate with people in different time zones.
  • It is the perfect fitness companion that makes it super easy to stay on track with your workouts.
  • It will track all news updates, scores and even your show times.

Sync with Smart Home and Amazon Alexa

Glance clock has the functionality to connect with devices like Amazon Alexa and also with a number of music and entertainment apps. It is the perfect interface for visualizing the notifications your smart home device. Glance also syncs up with Spotify and Apple Music, so you can enjoy your tunes and discover more music.

Price & Availability

Glance Clock is available now on Indiegogo at $99 and will be start shipping from February 2017. You can have a choice of color between modern Silver and elegant Graphite and you will able to select it during the ordering process.


Glance Clock is a beautiful piece of tech that provides a new way for users to learn about their smart home data. And all and all the best part of all though is that it allows customizing the clock based on their personal goals. So hope to see it at the earliest in our homes.