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GizmoTab by Verizon is a Real Tablet Designed for Kids

GizmoTab by Verizon

Verizon just recently announced its new tablet specifically designed for kids. GizmoTab is a kid-tough educational tablet to spark young imaginations and trigger their desire to learn. GizmoTab is not only kid-friendly, but it is also very durable and affordable.

You often give out your tablet to your kids for them to play and learn. But GizmoTab is different from those tablets because it comes preloaded with 300 premium learning apps. It makes sure that your children don’t just play games, but also learn while they play. Verizon’s GizmoTab is an interesting device. It is not only a rare tablet meant for kids, but it has also got surprisingly solid hardware underneath all the padding.

A Tablet for Kids

GizmoTab is a full-functioning Android tablet. It is specially programmed for kids and protected with a kid-tough, removable bumper that guards the tablet against drops and jolts. GizmoTab has an 8-inch full HD display. The kids will love the vivid colors as their favorite characters and exciting games pop on the HD display.

Learn and Play with GizmoTab

The GizmoTab is packed with high-quality educational content. The learning experience starts right on the home screen. The 300 premium learning apps are grouped in seven islands. The center island is home to your child’s own customizable 3D world. It includes a clubhouse, arcade, and school for a host of games and learning activities that your child will definitely love.

Parental Control

Parents can customize the fun to their child’s age and skill level. You can set time limits, and reward children with additional playtime for each hour of learning time. For doing this, you can use the Parent Dashboard to keep track of usage and to measure your child’s progress. You can even download your child’s favorite apps from the Google Play Store and control both when and how often they use them.


You can use GizmoTab as your own after the kids are done using it. The fast and efficient 1.5 GHz octa-core processor and 3 GB RAM provide the speed and performance you need to multitask and enjoy your favorite apps, games, and videos. Take great photos and videos Using the 8 MP rear-facing camera you can capture great photos and videos and also capture sharp selfies with the 5 MP front camera.

Affordable Option

With Verizon 4G LTE and a large 5100 mAh battery, kids can use the tablet and have fun learning for hours on the go. You can program up to three kid profiles per device with separate permissions. It is designed to grow with each child, and it allows kids aged 3 to 8 to play and learn based on age and skill levels.  A rugged, removable bumper on GizmoTab protects it from drops and scratches. The GizmoTab comes with 16GB storage and is available in Midnight Blue color. The GizmoTab will cost you $249. You can also purchase it on a 2-year contract for $79. GizmoTab comes with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow preinstalled, and a decently sized 5,100mAh battery.


GizmoTab is a tablet that has been designed for kids, so if you’d rather not shell out hundreds of dollars for an iPad, this could be a kid-friendly alternative at a comparatively lower price. As parents search for inexpensive ways to give their children gadgets without having to worry about the devices being misused, tech for kids is a fast growing market.