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Giacinto DIY Speaker – Designed for Music Lovers!

Giacinto DIY Speaker

One can find a lot of portable speakers in the market that can be carried along with you, that one can plug in anywhere and listen. But with the launch of Giacinto DIY speakers, the scenario of speakers will have a makeover. The new speakers are made out of high quality Italian leather, manufactured in a Milanese leather lab and produced in Verona, Italy. The distinctive feature of customizing a speaker, is the joy of assembling and disassembling it anywhere and at any time.

Introduction of Giacinto

Nowadays, there’s a way to craft a DIY Speaker and sound system with a premium placed on audio quality. Its first inventor was Giacinto. He believed that products should deliver an experience and have a human touch for growth which Giacinto has truly taken care of.

The sound system is assembled in a way that would guarantee the user to customize it in a process akin to the one popularized by IKEA. The speakers themselves are encased in distinctive and recycled leather skins with many custom options. It allows you to fold it back and forth anytime you want, thus it invites users of any age to listen to music in a more conscious way.

Beautiful Design of Giacinto DIY Speaker

Designed by well-known Sinestesia Design studio which is founded by Lorenzo Appiani and Ludovica Vando, the speakers have given a unique design to this DIY Stereo Loudspeaker which has stainless steel brass frame and is recycled with leather. This material has the capability to work as an incredible soundboard and even be highly resistant and flexible.

As this DIY speaker is beautifully designed, it invites young users who are interested in listening to music by offering a sensorial and interactive experience that goes beyond a simple product unlike other loudspeakers. Giacinto ensures to give the best sound result in the smallest and most manageable size. By giving a human touch to it, Giacinto has given the user one of its kind experience.

The Class That Makes It Different

Giacinto has invited users in the production process where a wide range of tech components are provided for assembling that cuts down production time and costs. This facility gives a very affordable speaker to the masses while delivering knowledge on how stereo speakers are built.

Interesting Features

  • The traditional version of the Giacinto speakers is launched with a basic color of recycled leather but there are three other colors to choose from.
  • Giacinto speakers present a wide range of customization options – leather, laser marked recycled option, laser cut steel option and brass sheets.
  • There are more than twelve textures to choose from.
  • The sound modulation filters of Two speakers of 4ohm- 5 W are placed in two boxes and connected to each other by a mini amplifier. The aim is to make Giacinto become an analogical and not a digital equalizer where the user become the creator of the sounds they own.
  • The input and output supply of electric power is handled through a mini jack and a USB plug.
  • The DIY speakers are packed in a silver bubbled shock-proof packaging material that ensures safe shipping and reduces the storage space costs.

Price and Verdict

Building Giacinto is fun, educational and stimulates the user through a completely interactive experience. The providers and collaborators of Giacinto have done a marvelous job to achieve the standard of quality of these speakers. They have guaranteed the highest quality, durability and sound isolation of DIY speakers. The product is available through Kickstarter at an approx. range of $55. One can hope that the makers will soon introduce new sound modulating filters, a Bluetooth connection and an app to work with to amplify the experience.