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Get In Shape With Moov Now Personal Coach And Trainer

Moov now

Working out and being in shape is the best thing ever. It prolongs your life, it makes you feel better, and it can even boost your mood. But it’s actually really hard to get in shape, and even harder to maintain it. But there are some great fitness trackers out there that can help you achieve your goals. One of them is the Moov Now Personal Coach & Workout Tracker. This award-winning tracker actively monitors your body’s motion to ensure that you get the most out of every workout. Moov Now also gives you personalized feedback to correct your form. This way it helps minimize your risk of injury.

Simple Design.

The Moov Now design couldn’t be simpler. It’s a small disc that comes in variety of colors and sits in an attractive latticed black rubber strap. It’s very light and only has a small button on the top, which you’ll click when you want to start an exercise or sync your fitness stats to get an up-to-date look. It sits quietly and lightly on the wrist, and most of the time I never even noticed it. This caused heart-stopping moments a few times when running because it’s actually hard to feel it’s there. The only fault with the design is the disc feeling a bit plasticky and the battery cover requiring a touch of pricing to get off.

Real-Time Audio Coach.

Moov Now features a real-time audio coach. It provides you with positive feedback throughout your workout. This helps you always stay pumped to set a new personal record. It’s the perfect training tool for high-intensity workouts like circuit training, running, cycling, swimming, and cardio boxing. Moov Now also shows you how to work in proper intervals so you can recover safely, gain results faster, and gradually level up to more intensive workouts. Plus, it constantly changes your workouts so you stay motivated and don’t plateau.

Things It Does.

  • Moov Now actively monitors your tendencies. It also advises on how to get the most out of your workout.
  • It measures your motion to improve your form. This way it minimizes the chance of injury.
  • It pushes you to work in proper intervals. It helps you recover safely & gain faster results.
  • Moov Now slowly and gradually takes you up more intensive workouts.
  • Moov Now introduces a variety of training so your body avoids plateauing.
  • It talks you through workouts w/ real-time audio coaching. This is done for running, cycling, cardio boxing, & the most advanced swim tracking available.

Award Winning Fitness Tracker.

The Moov Now is a compact and comfortable workout tracker. It comes with a long battery life. It can be worn in the shower and the pool. The Android and iPhone app provides real-time audio coaching. It covers a wide array of activities for coaching and feedback. It can track sleep, calories burned, and active minutes. It’s not a good option as an all-day activity tracker. Also, the syncing process is a hassle. It requires you to have a smartphone with you for coaching feedback. Its best feature is the boxing workout, but it requires two devices. The Moov Now will help you get interested in working out. But you are going to need your smartphone handy to use it and overcome some quirks. Moov Now is the winner of 2016 IF Design Award Winner, 2016 Red Dot Design Award Winner, and 3rd Place in Gizmodo Australia’s Best Fitness Trackers of 2016. Moov Now normally costs $79.95.