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Fujifilm X-A5 Camera: An Impressive Value Addition to the X-Series Camera of Fuji

Fujifilm X-A5 Camera

Are you looking for a really lightweight and advanced camera? Are you looking for a professional grade camera to capture awesome selfie shots? Are you enquiringly about the new Fujifilm offering in camera? In all these cases, the new Fujifilm X-A5 mirrorless camera can be your ideal choice. Extending the celebrated X series lineup of cameras, Fuji has also come up with a new kit of the zoom lens. Combining the camera body and the lens it is the most lightweight camera choice so far. There are several other things to expect that we will describe in the course if this review.

Enhanced capabilities

The new Fuji camera is first in a series of things. The Fuji X-A5 sports a 24.2MP APS-C (non-X-Trans) sensor which further enhances the image quality with in-depth phase detection pixels along with an intelligent Hybrid AF system capable of locking focus onto subjects at double speed compared to all other X-A models. The camera is also equipped with an image engine capable of processing images at least 1.5 times faster than other cameras from the same league. The camera also offers optimum ISO of 12800 which is extendable to 51200 clearly offering a big hike from the X-A3.

Apart from delivering crisp sharp images, X-A5 can also shoot 4K quality video which is only available at 15fps for a duration of maximum 5 minutes. This 4K quality is also available when the camera captures visuals in burst mode. When you come down to the more realistic HD video resolution, you can expect frame rates amounting up to 59.94fps. The video can also be shot at quad speed when capturing slow-motion clips. There is also a multi-focus mode capable of deriving separate 4K images from the video by adjusting the depth of field of the focus.

Almost towering specs

When you judge the camera specs and compare them with the closest comparable ones, it offers a 3-inch, 1.04-million-dot LCD touchscreen which is capable to tilt up to 180 degrees angle. The has several other advanced features and specs including the Film Simulation Modes popularised by Fuji, pop-up flash and in-camera RAW processing. As for connectivity solution, the camera offers both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.

It is needless to say that the new camera from Fuji also empowers the users with a connected Fuji remote app to access images and edit them from another device. The camera takes approximately 0.4s to start up. The camera stays alive with a battery life lasting for as much as 450 frames. All these regular specs and features amount to nothing if we don’t mention about the new powerful zoom lens of the camera.

All new powerful electronic zoom lens

Fuji has empowered the X-A5 as the first X Series camera decked with a new XC15-45mm f/3.5-5.6 OIS PZ zoom lens. The zoom lens is quite lightweight and compact in a form which allows smooth zooming varying from a wide-angle 23mm which is really equivalent to the 35mm film format to the modest 67.5mm. This versatile capability makes it ideal for capturing photos in all situations, whether group shots or portraits.

It is designed to capture selfies

In spite of not having any electronic viewfinder, the X-A5 loaded with a 3-inch touchscreen display can be used for effective selfie shots as the Rear Command Dial is capable of switching to the Zoom and Shutter Release function to ensure static composition while shooting selfies. Apart from this, the 180-degree rotating display is also equipped with the Eye AF function.

Image and video quality

The X-A5 camera is capable of capturing 4K video at slightly lower frame rate while a recording of Full HD footage is possible with a frame rate up to 60/50p. The X-A5 camera is also equipped with a 4K Burst function for to capture stills.

Pricing and availability

The X-A5 from Fujifilm are supposed to be available in the market from 8th of this month and will be available in three distinct colours, respectively silver, brown, and pink. The camera will sport a US price tag of $549. The new zoom is supposed to be available within a week if the camera launch is expected to sport a price of $300.

Wrapping things up

In many respects, the new X-A5 can be a unique addition to the already popular X series of Fujifilm camera. With such depth of specs and impressive quality of sensors, it is likely to be the most popular Fujifilm X series camera.