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Fujifilm Instax SP-2: Now Share Your Prints


Fujifilm’s Instax instant film cameras are always fun to use. But because the cameras give one print for every shot you take. So a single picture you click can cost anywhere between 50 cents to $1. This can get pretty expensive after a while. Also, this is the only picture you get and there is no digital version.

Edit Your Photos.

But the Instax Share SP-2 mobile printer lets you transform any photo on your smartphone or tablet to an instant film print on the spot. This means you can pick and choose what you want to print. You can edit your photos however you please with whatever filters and share them immediately.

Modern Design.

The SP-2 has a modern, clean design. In either silver or gold, it looks more like a fashion accessory than a gadget. There are small indicator lights on the top. They give you an idea of how much film and battery life you have remaining. There’s a rechargeable battery now instead of the CR2 which are hard to find. With the Sp-2 USB charging is mandatory. So you should have no problem juicing up.

10-Print Film.

The Share uses the same 10-print film packs as the Instax Mini cameras. Just pop open the printer. Drop in the pack and close it back up. The list price for the film is $20 for a two-pack. But can easily be found for less than $15. The prints are small at 3.4 by 2.1 inches, though the actual image size is 2.4 by 1.8 inches.

Consumable Film.

Since there’s no ink or paper, the film is the only consumable. It also has a compact size. This makes it very easy to travel with. It even uses a replaceable, rechargeable battery good for up to 100 prints on a single charge. The SP-2’s design is also completely new. This makes it look more like a modern mobile accessory and not a bland, utilitarian photo printer.

Features of SP-2.

  1. Printing made enjoyable: A new laser exposure system achieves a faster printing time of 10 seconds from print data transfer to print output. At the same time, printing noise is lower. This makes your printing experience much more enjoyable.
  2. Splitting and other templates: You can now split one image into two. When you select “Real Time Template” and take a photo, the date, place, weather, temperature, and humidity are indicated in the frame. The photo will be the one and only in the world because you can’t make a copy with this template. There is also a template that fits the photo cropped into a square. It is possible to write your feelings and messages to make the memory more vivid.
  3. Instax SHARE: Instax SHARE allows you to make instax prints. This can be done by sending the images directly from your camera. You can now share the images that you can only achieve with digital cameras.

The Verdict.

The Fujifilm Instax Share SP-2 is faster and more compact and stylish than the original. There is a new updated mobile app. It adds new filters and templates. The SP-2 uses film. Also, it has a rechargeable and removable battery. The prints are small. The printer’s price is maybe a touch too high for an impulse purchase and the cost per print might also be a turn off. The Fujifilm Instax Share SP-2 is a fun accessory to use. It is specifically for those who really love mobile photography. It lets you print snapshots anytime, anywhere. At $200 it’s not exactly inexpensive.