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Freestyle Edge: A Mechanical Keyboard That Can Split

freestyle edge

Mechanical keyboards have been popular with gamers for years, but have even made it to retro/wireless levels recently. The Kinesis Gaming Freestyle Edge is a mechanical keyboard built for gaming with one huge difference. It is the split that makes this keyboard more versatile than any other keyboard.

To create the all-new Freestyle Edge, The Kinesis Gaming borrowed the best features from our two most popular keyboards (the Freestyle2 and Advantage2), and got lots of great input from hardcore gamers and mechanical keyboard enthusiasts. The company wanted to make a split keyboard that holds Kinesis technology and ergonomic design.

The Freestyle Edge is world’s first split keyboard. This keyboard is designed specially for gamers. It was engineered with input from hardcore gamers to meet the strictest standards for quality and design. The company has stripped out all the gimmicks and focused on features that deliver comfort, control, and performance.

Compact, Tenkeyless Footprint.

Push the key modules together so it takes up less space on your desk. The Freestyle Edge has a traditional layout so there is no need to adapt. You can start small and work your way up to a split that’s customized for your body type and style.

Adjustable Splits.

Small improvements for comfort can have huge impacts on the overall result. Split the key modules to shoulder-width to reduce shoulder and forearm strain when typing. Adjust the cable to Small, Medium, or Large, and put away the excess in the hidden cable-channel compartment.

XL Split.

Extend the cable and slide the key modules apart to create up to 20” of prime real estate for an oversized mouse pad, joystick, steering wheel, microphone, or maybe even a snack. The right key module will still be be close for any in-game commands and chat.


When you don’t require the right half of the keyboard, you can shift it out of the way and bring mouse pad closer for maximum control and precision in low DPI gaming.

Freedom & Flexibility.

It’s easy to rotate either key module on the Freestyle Edge suiting your needs. Rotate for optimal key coverage or to squeeze into a tight space. Also, angling the keyboard keeps your wrists straight which. That reduces pain and fatigue.

Lift Kit.

You’ll experience strain on your hands and arms due to your regular flat keyboard. After a certain period, that strain adds up and can cause to reduce your performance, or even knock you out of the game all together. The Lift Kit lets you tent either key module 5, 10 or 15 degrees to provides a neutral wrist and forearm position for extended gaming sessions.

Additional Features:

  1. LED Backlighting. The LED’s illuminate the keyboard for gaming in low-light conditions without any gimmicks. You are free to choose from 9 brightness levels or activate Breathe mode to deliver soothing pulses of light. Most professional gamers find backlighting distracting. That’s the reason they have designed Pitch Black mode. You can disable all the LEDs so your focus is where it belongs.
  2. Cherry MX Switches. Freestyle Edge uses 100% Cherry mechanical switches for super-fast actuation and maximum performance & durability. You can choose between MX Red or MX Blue.
  3. Game Bank. The Game Bank comes with 8 fully programmable game keys. These keys are located to the left of WASD. The game keys are set up separately for each layout. They are perfect for relocating right-side keys for one-handed play.

Pre-order now.

You can pre-order the Freestyle Edge keyboard now on Kickstarter through April 7, 2017 with a special early bird pricing. The Edge campaign has already exceeded 85% of its funding goal in just its first week. Kinesis Gaming will deliver the initial batch of First Edition Freestyle Edge keyboards this summer. The Freestyle Edge will be available for purchase this fall at a price of $219.