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FlowMotion ONE – The End of Shaky Videos

FlowMotion ONE

You know that annoying feeling when you think you have shot an amazing video on your smartphone, but it turns out to be too shaky? FlowMotion solves that problem. FlowMotion is designed to keep your smartphone perfectly stable no matter how much you move your hands. FlowMotion has got some really smart features that set it apart from other smartphone stabilizers in the market.

FlowMotion ONE is a smartphone stabilizer that eliminates all shaking and vibrations and lets you capture smooth and cinematic videos with your smartphone. FlowMotion ONE is the first smartphone stabilizer which can be used both as a handheld device and as a wearable. Its unique 3inONE design lets you use it in three ways:

  • As a handheld with our smart handle which includes a joystick that lets you change the camera angle while you shoot.
  • By detaching the handle, you turn FlowMotion into a wearable stabilizer, which you can mount to all your existing camera mounts, so you can use it on your helmet, your bike or in your car.
  • You can also attach the carbon extension pole which turns FlowMotion into an advanced selfie stick.

This unique design makes FlowMotion ONE compact and portable, it even fits in your pocket.

FlowMotion 3 in 1

By combining FlowMotion ONE with your smartphone’s technology the FlowMotion app enable a whole bunch of additional features. You can stream perfectly steady videos to Facebook LIVE and other live stream services, you can shoot smooth cinematic Snapchat or Instagram stories, or capture high-quality, blur-free panorama pictures, shoot motion time-lapse or use the auto-follow tracking. Simply frame a target on the phone screen, whether it’s a person or object, and FlowMotion ONE will keep it in focus regardless of speed or terrain.


FlowMotion’s stabilization is so accurate that it works with optical image stabilization (OIS), which is on most newer phones (like iPhone 6s & 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge). Ensuring that you can capture whatever you want, wherever you want in perfect cinematic quality.

Why Buy FlowMotion ONE?

Capture Smooth Cinematic Videos with Your Smartphone

FlowMotion ONE doesn’t let the camera shake so you can capture every moment in perfect quality.

Easy to Carry

FlowMotion ONE weighs less than a pound and it easily fits in your pocket. You just have to simply detach the grip and fold the stabilizer and it is ready to be packed.

Use it with any mount

Attach ONE to your bike or a tripod, or use FlowMotion’s handle or extension pole to record videos without any shake while riding your bike

Never miss a moment

Advanced auto follows technology is built into the FlowMotion app. This technology allows you to always have you or someone you care about in focus. You just have to simply tap on the screen and mark the person on the screen, and FlowMotion One will follow and keep them in the frame.

Tell a Better Story on Snapchat & Instagram

With FlowMotion One you can record and share vibration-free and professional looking videos on Snapchat and Instagram.

Share your moment

You can live to stream your moments in smooth cinematic quality directly to Facebook or YouTube while you are in them.

Releasing in 2017

The FlowMotion One will be made available in March 2017 at a retail price of $299. You can try getting your hands on the few $199 packages left on Kickstarter for now.

Pre-order your FlowMotion ONE at Kickstarter.