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Fitbit Ionic: Company’s First Ever Smart Watch


After making so many fitness trackers and wearables, Fitbit is now officially entering the smartwatch arena with the new Fitbit Ionic. With the Fitbit Blaze, the company did immerse itself in the fitness-focused smartwatch business earlier. But with the new Fitbit Ionic, it has officially made a smartwatch that supports third-party apps. Ionic is indeed Fitbit’s first actual smartwatch. Fitbit fans are expecting a lot from this new product from the fitness-focussed company.

Nano-Molding Technique.

The Ionic is built out of a lightweight aluminum case. To fuse plastic and metal together in the watch body, Fitbit made use of a nano-molding technique. This is a technique commonly used in smartphones, but not wearables. The case’s back is an angled, tapered design. It will allow the various sensors on the back of the device to comfortably and accurately contact your wrist. To the right side of the screen is a pair of buttons. There is a third found to the left side of the display. The display is a subtly curved spherical glass lens. But the bezels surrounding it are fairly large.

Personal Coaching.

Ionic is crafted in such a way that it will provide better guidance than ever. It offers personalized workouts that play on screen. They guide you through every move. Exercise routines adapt based on your feedback. This helps you get the right workout for your fitness level. Ionic will also recommend workouts based on your recent activity.

Built-In GPS.

Ionic features a multi-sport mode which allows you to track specific workouts. In Bike, Run or Hike mode, you can use built-in GPS to see pace, distance and other key stats on display. You also get a performance summary which shows elevation climbed, split times and a map of your route. Ionic uses GLONASS to tap into global satellites. The GPS antenna is integrated into Ionic’s watch case for a stronger satellite connection and more accurate stats.


The SmartTrack feature of Ionic automatically recognizes your exercise and records it for you in the Fitbit app. So you can check your real-time heart rate zone to see whether you are in the Fat Burn, Cardio or Peak zone to optimize your intensity and dial in your effort.

Swim Tracking.

Ionic was built water-resistant. It comes with enhanced swim tracking capabilities. Just start Swim Mode to record your laps, stroke style, calories burned & more. If you forget to record it, SmartTrack will have your back by tracking swims for you. It recognizes when you’re running and automatically enters Run Mode. It also starts GPS so you can see key run stats on screen. Plus, it automatically pauses when you do. So your pace and duration are spot on for accuracy. Along with all this, Ionic also gives you personalized guided breathing sessions based on your heart rate.


Ionic can store and play over 300 songs. You can make your listening experience more fun with Pandora Plus on Ionic. Sync your favorite stations or curated workout stations to your watch. You can then hear your favorite music ad-free and offline. Ionic seamlessly connects to wireless Bluetooth head­phones like Fitbit Flyer. It allows you to hear music & audio coaching on the go.

App Gallery And Other Things.

Ionic offers instant access to important updates for weather, sports and more. You can download any apps that you prefer for fitness, finances, social, sports & more. This can be done from the new Fitbit App Gallery. With the NFC chip inside Ionic, you can securely store and use your Visa, Mastercard or Amex credit card. You can easily connected to what matters most with texts, calls and calendar alerts & notifications from apps like Facebook and Gmail. It comes with unique designs that range from sleek and understated to fun and fitness-focused. Ionic tracks your morning, night & everything in between, thanks to its multi-day battery life of 4+ days. Ionic automatically syncs to computers and more than 200 Android, iPhone & Windows devices over Bluetooth.

Releasing In October.

The Fitbit Ionic will cost you $300 and is said to release in the month of October. The watch will come in silver, grey, and orange.