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FireFlies Wire-free Earbuds – Reasonably Priced for Music Aficionados

FireFlies Earbuds

With many weird ideas of latest gadgets creeping in the market, one has to bank on the innovative ones. Here is one latest offering to the list – FireFlies wire-free earbuds. This is a new headset from a Utah-based company who is offering a pair of wire-free earbuds at a reasonable price.

With high end sound quality and superior comfort in a sleek and convenient design these earbuds have a lot of obvious benefits. One can hear music and take phone calls from anywhere, without the hassle of wires getting entangled or damaged. Thus with the three most important qualities of unique features, affordable price, and superior quality, FireFlies is naturally looking to change the trend.

Awesome Design of FireFlies

The form factor of FireFlies Earbuds are incredibly small, and are equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 technology. It has a patent design that fits securely and comfortably into the groove of the ears so that they don’t fall out. To keep safe in all extreme weathers, the set of earbuds is durable with a number of silicone tips that are Small, Medium, and Large sizes with suitable wings to help them cling to a user’s ears.

How to use?

Fireflies wire-free Earbuds can be paired to devices capable of playing Bluetooth which can be connected to your phone using the same technology. The earbuds have a pocket-charging pod which can run for about 3 hours per charge. The fact that these are truly wireless should be taken into consideration; as there is always self-contained power supply. The earbuds sport onboard music controls, and are automatically disconnected when a phone call comes in. The connectivity of FireFlies is good than other devices as it plays audio without dropping network signals.

Sound Quality & Special Features

  • The sound quality of earbuds is extremely clear with the help of noise reduction system.
  • As the earbuds have no wires, it is convenient to use them for sports, fitness and the like, especially during adventure trips.
  • For better safety, the fitness buds ship with a set of small, medium, and large locking wings in the inner curve of your ears.
  • The FireFlies earbuds are supplied with a green LED light to indicate when they are powered on.
  • With the help of two connectors, the buds rest in the rechargeable case that stores three full charges.
  • You get the best of 12 total hours of playback if you travel with the charging pod fully juiced.
  • Price-wise, the FireFlies cost significantly less than its competitors with much better features too.

Pricing and Launch

With most Wireless earbuds priced above $200, the FireFlies will set you back at a reasonable price of $79 – $99 for a limited time. These ultra-portable buds will subsequently be priced at $149.99. These can be ordered today at the lowest price in this category, considering other similar earbuds are more expensive. Early buyers can expect to receive FireFlies by the end of September 2016. If you’re into fitness, or sports and just want music with absolutely no wires, then this is the thing that you will need.


Undoubtedly FireFlies wire free Earbuds is a bit cheaper than most cable-free buds and this Utah-based company promises via their Kickstarter campaign, that these earbuds will have the ability to play, pause, and skip back within the playing section.

This company has a bunch of experienced team members that produce consumer electronics and promise outstanding delivery speed. With its brand new launch, consumers will be able to enjoy their creativity and have an amazing experience of wire-free personal audio too.