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FingerPow: A Unique Low Footprint Portable Charging System


Smartphones are irreplaceable from daily life, can we ignore this truth? Naturally, we cannot travel anywhere without our smartphone. This is why a dead battery is seen with such fear. You earlier had used several power banks to charge your device on the go. But they were mostly heavier and not particularly portable enough to keep in pocket. This is when Finger Pow came as a very simple way to charge your handheld while offering a completely portable design.

It is itself wireless and does not need wall socket to get charged and the best thing is charges your device at lightning fast speed. So, all the so called dilemma and concern over battery of your device draining out is finally over with Finger Pow.

What Is Finger Pow?

Finger Pow is basically a very portable charging system which is designed to offer you a permanent solution to your charging dilemma. Replacing the needs of using wall sockets or so called power banks it just gives your phone quick charge whenever you need. Finger Pow equipped itself for wireless charging do not need to be charged by connecting it to the wall sockets.

A Revolutionary Idea To Store Power

The quintessential idea that made Finger Pow possible is about storing electricity within small modular power storages all of which can be charged simultaneously through a charging station. The charging station itself functions as 5000mAh power bank allowing an extra large power storage for mobile users on the go. The whole concept and design if this charging pack is built to make storage more portable and usable in various circumstances.

It Is As Portable As A USB Drive

While smartphones these days continue to offer bigger screens to create space for it we look for smaller and extra-portable accessories. Keeping this trend in mind the company custom designed this power storage solution with every single Finger Pow storage having the dimension of a USB drive. One such modular charging pack can provide 25% charge to an iPhone 8 device, as per the latest test report. The small sized pack can be slipped in your pocket comfortably and can accompany you everywhere.

Sophisticated Charging Experience

Apart from the so called ease of use and portability, Finger Pow also ensures a smooth charging experience. To prevent your charging cable getting entangled and frayed over time causing tripping hazards, this charging system comes equipped with double magnetic connector. It delivers a smooth and very streamlined charging experience to the users. It comes with magnetic charging cable so that you can charge from other power banks using the USB ports.

Two Versions And Pricing

Finger Pow has already gone through a successful Kickstarter campaign has been made available on the crowdfunding platform from this month. It will be available with two distinct types respectively as Pow Basic and Pow Plus. While the charging base offered through Pow Basic does not work as power bank the Pow Plus comes with a 5000mAh power base capable to work as power bank as well.

Pow Basic costs in retail $69 and offers 4 charging packs and 2 magnetic adapter besides offering one magnetic charging cable and a charging base. On the other hand, the Pow Plus is supposed to cost a retail price of $79 and will cost 4 charging packs, 2 magnetic adapter, 2 keychain, 1 magnetic charging cable, 1 charging station equipped with a 5000mah battery.

The Super Early Bird price offered for Pow Basic and Pow Plus in the crowdfunding platform is respectively $29 and $39.

Final Verdict

Finger Pow by many respects is a revolutionary charging solution for our increasingly fast paced and smartphone savvy life. With the increasing volume of media consumption and variety of mobile apps taking care of our needs throughout the day, smartphone batteries are now more vulnerable to get drained out with constant use than ever before. This is why it is extremely important to carry a charging system that never allows your device to become power-dead.

While the traditional power banks have a lot of limitations due to their size, weight and footprint, Finger Pow with an extremely smaller size and easy portability offers a completely different approach to the problem. Though it has still not reached too many users and it is too early to give a final verdict, it nevertheless looks promising and effective as a charging system.