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Fingbox: World’s #1 Network Scanner


Fingshot is a device used to secure your home network and troubleshoot problems encountered by it. Fingbox is packed with the tools you need to keep your home network safe and your Wi-Fi working. Fingbox is the plug & play device that helps you secure and troubleshoot your home network from anywhere.Fingshot is controlled entirely from within the Fing app. It is the world’s #1 network scanner for iOS and Android. Fingbox helps you to protect your home network against threats. It limits internet access and blocks devices and also tracks who is online and helps you detect intruders and malicious devices. By doing this, it also helps in improving network performance and does much more.

Evolution Of The Fing App.

It is the evolution of the Fing app, the world’s most downloaded network scanner for iOS and Android. We developed Fingbox as a direct response to the needs of our 20 million users who have asked for additional network security and troubleshooting features which can only be delivered through a physical device.

Fingbox Features.

  1. Threats & Intruder: It is identified network threats, intruders, and malicious devices.
  2. Block Devices: Fingbox easily blocks and allows any devices for security and parental control.
  3. DigitalFence: The DigitalFence helps you identify any device in the vicinity of the box with the WiFi enabled.
  4. Remote Monitoring: Fingbox does 24/7 remote monitoring of the network and all devices.
  5. Alerts: Fingbox gives you real time alerts for your network and devices.
  6. Wi-Fi Sweet Spot: It also works as an interactive tool to find the best WiFi spots throughout your home.
  7. Bandwidth Hogs: It also identifies which devices are hogging all the broadband.
  8. Internet Speed: The speed and latency testing on it help you know how fast your internet is performing.
  9. Service Quality: Fingbox also helps you check the quality of your favorite applications.
  10. Hacker Threat Check: It is does scanning of opened ports and passwords to identify risks of being hacked.

Benefits Of Fingbox.

  1. Improve Network Performance: With the help of It is you can find WiFi sweet spots, discover bandwidth hogging devices, and also test your internet speed.
  2. Protect Your Home: It is detected WiFi attacks, monitor surrounding devices, and block intruders.
  3. Parental Control: With the Parental Control feature, you can track who is online, and put a limit to internet access, and also check device activity and history.

Easy To Use.

Fingbox works with any home network configuration. Simply plug it into the Ethernet port of your primary router or access point and that’s it! No manual configuration is needed. The set-up is plug & play and no additional hardware is required.

It is now available for order on Indiegogo for $79.