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Expand Your MacBook Storage with TarDisk Card

TarDisk Card

MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro, the preliminary two models of these MacBook come loaded with just 128GB of hard disk and that is too less for any user these days. Now if the buyer likes to opt for 256GB of storage it is likely to cost an additional $200. MacBook does not allow fitting a storage card inside too easily. To solve this problem TarDisk came as a robust alternative. It is designed to be used in a slot to enter through the SDXC port and then to pair with the MacBook permanently. This pairing of the storage card will allow an extra 128GB ($150) or 256GB of storage. Most importantly, TarDisk storage always remains indistinguishable besides the existing storage of your MacBook.

Whenever the hard disk drive of your MacBook is becoming filled, you can think of this smart storage option. For storage, you can always buy an external hard drive and then load it with low-priority files or just can save documents in the USB drive. But thanks to TarDisk you have the most user-friendly solution.

TarDisk is basically an SD card that can easily help you expanding your MacBook storage. Just put this small card into the SD card slot of your Mac, install the respective software and it is ready to use. As soon as the setup of TarDisk is complete it will work as good as any onboard storage.

Usefulness and Capability

Besides merging with the existing MacBook drive, it is capable of offering larger standalone storage volume. It has been designed to complement the MacBook’s exterior perfectly. This flash storage coming with an aluminum tray slides into your SDXC port while complementing the MacBook’s exterior color. A small indent at the lower side of the tray will allow you to take the TarDisk out with your fingernail.

While the TarDisk can be used just as any external hard disk drive or SD card it has been designed to pair permanently with the MacBook’s inbuilt storage offering access to a single storage volume.

Compatibility, Price, and Availability

TarDisk is easily compatible with a whole range of latest MacBooks including Macbook Air, MacBook Pro with Retina display and earlier versions of MacBook Pros.

A 128 GB of TarDisk storage is available now for just $149 and the 256 GB version is available for $399. Though the storage solution alone can be felt a little expensive, the buyer is actually paying for the storage solution and the Pear software bundled with it.

TarDisk’s Easy Setup and installation Process


The setup instructions to pair the TarDisk with your MacBook involves several steps that you need to go through carefully. First of all, you need to begin by taking a Time Machine backup that will allow restoring your MacBook at any point in time. To make this backup you need to have an external hard drive ready. While people only think of buying TarDisk as and when the existing hard drive becomes full, at least an 8GB of free storage space is the must for the pairing process. So, make sure that such a storage space is available when trying to pair the TarDisk.

In the next step, you have to turn off the MacBook and then when restarting it you need to boot into Single-User mode. Now, give a command to check the condition of the existing hard drive. This is the groundwork before actually inserting the TarDisk. After inserting the card steps are simple as with any SD card. You need to run the installer, restart the MacBook couple of times before you are greeted with the system message informing about the increase of storage space.


After installing it, except the increased storage everything remains the same. By going to Mac > Storage you can observe two different devices including the one with TarDisk icon, but accumulatively they show the combined disk space. As for the user, practically there is no difference in the performance of the MacBook following the installation of TarDisk.

TarDisk is made of high-quality aluminum alloy and is designed to offer glitch free performance for long periods of time. Unlike other SD cards and external hard drives, it is made to fit into the MacBook system to offer a combined storage allowing enhanced system performance. It is designed specifically for MacBook and you are also allowed to seek help from Apple Care concerning any support needs for TarDisk.