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Everything you need to know about Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo

In the race to launch the most innovative products every year among major tech giants, Amazon has to be at the top of the list with most innovative products launched by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. Many products just kill the market and create history whereas there are certain products that look so cool at the time of their launch, but when you get the actual product in your hand, you regret spending time and money on those products. But, it takes guts to overcome those failures and come up with innovation every now and then. Amazon’s latest product is Echo and we would like to  tell you more about Echo and why you should get your Echo as soon as possible.

What is Amazon Echo?

Amazon Echo is a hybrid speaker clubbed with voice recognition which will answer you questions and would be able to manage particular tasks. Before you consider buying this great product, I must remind you that Amazon Echo is the most strategically planned product from Amazon and it more about getting to know you better which will help Amazon sell their stuff. Amazon Echo has one of the best business models till date. Amazon sells us everything from grocery to Clothes and consumer electronics and everything in between.

Price and availability of Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo will be shipping to the customers in the coming few weeks. At the moment, Amazon Echo is available at an invite only basis, though the price of the product is just $199. Just for the first few weeks, Amazon will provide an opportunity to their prime members to lay their hands on Amazon Echo on an invite only basis at $99. This will spread the word of mouth publicity from direct Amazon loyal users and it is a good marketing tactic from Amazon. The device will always be connected to Amazon Cloud and you will get access to information, news, music, weather updates etc when you feel like it. The kind of services you expect from Google, only it is provided by Amazon.

Features of Amazon Echo

The slim and sleek, cylindrical Amazon Echo is something that doesn’t block much space and is a high utility piece of technology. Voice recognition system in the Echo enables it to hear you from a different room and it has a digital assistant just like Siri or Cortana to assist you inside the speaker. It will listen to your requests using seven microphones and it is so smart to understand your voice even while playing music. So cool. It will play music from Amazon Prime Music of course, iHeartRadio and TuneIn Plus. It provides a 360 degree audio to accommodate the entire room. Apps on Android and Fire Operating System will available soon whereas iOS users and others will have no other option, but to access it from a web app.

What makes Echo great?

Echo is Amazon’s one of the most ambitious products till date and why not, it is designed to make life easier for the users. For example, giving you important weather updates before you are going out on a date or playing your favourite songs when you are feeling low. You can have your queries solved by asking Echo various questions and it will answer you from Wikipedia.

Now, Siri, Google Now and Cortana can accomplish the same tasks from your smartphone, but Amazon thought that there is a need of a product like Echo in one’s living room and it has named the digital assistant “Alexa”, well too many digital assistants to compare now. Amazon Echo will not be running on batteries, so that just might be a subtle hint from Amazon that you should have a separate place for Echo in your home.