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EverCam: Smart, Wireless and AI-powered Security Camera with Year-long Battery Life

Eufy EverCam

There is a lot of smart security cameras on the market but none is capable to offer 365 days of battery life with a single charge. This is where EverCam looks smartest of the lot. EverCam is a new security camera built by Eufy, a smart home brand owned by ace electrical gadget brand Anker. Presently going through a Kickstarter campaign this tiny smart security camera looks promising as a water-resistant HD recording device. EverCam raised more than $300,000 from 1,000 or more backers on Kickstarter as of now.

Awesome battery capacity for a versatile security camera

EverCam is designed to be a versatile wireless camera for both indoor and outdoor use. It is the ‘first of its kind’ wireless camera that doesn’t require to be mounted by screws or plugged into a power source. Moreover, it can easily be attached to any metal surface with the help of inbuilt magnets. The best thing is, the camera will continue to function for up to 365 days just with a single charge.

The camera is loaded with a whopping 13,400mAh lithium-ion battery built by Anker, the company which is already well known for powerful battery and smart charging technology. It is smart enough to save battery by working in very low-power standby mode when it cannot detect any motion. Only when it detects motion it starts recording and thus consumes power. While recording it also works with the low-frequency wireless protocol to stay connected to the web.

Robust and fully secure inbuilt storage

EverCam is also loaded with inbuilt 16GB microSD storage, AI for movement detection and low-frequency WiFi transmission to save on the usage of power.

The inbuilt 16GB storage card offers full 128-bit encryption by AES to protect your recording data. The camera only allows viewing the recorded footage only when the storage card is plugged into the base station. As per the estimates of the company the camera can safely contain footage for a duration of nearly a year with average usage. This becomes possible as the old footage is replaced by new footage on the microSD card. The camera will also blow siren if it is moved without making it disarmed.

Live viewing and detection through the connected app

EverCam is also equipped to stream live camera feeds through the Eufy mobile app. This app capable to manage the AI features of the camera will help saving energy by avoiding unnecessary recording. The camera having built-in infrared sensor can detect any unfamiliar motion and faces while with the help of AI learns familiar ones over time. The camera can record continuously and in certain circumstances and you can customise these parameters through the app.

The best thing is, all these features are available without requiring the user to opt for a cloud subscription. In the time to come, the camera can evolve further and we can expect a larger storage space with a 128GB microSD card. Eufy also promises that it is on track to equip the camera further to work with digital assistants like Google Home or Amazon Alexa. That would obviously be another big value addition with so many lucrative features already packed inside it.

Price and availability

EverCam is priced at $299 for a single unit and $499 for two cameras. It is equally expensive as the Nest Cam of Google that comes with an equally reliable set of features. With a huge battery life and AI-based capability to differentiate between known and unknown faces, it looks like a promising offering. But as the company has said that the first camera for a full review will be available late in this summer, we still have no idea of how effective it is. The product is expected to be shipped from September this year.

Final verdict

The best selling point of this smart security camera is its awesome battery life. The AI capability to detect movements and save power by avoiding unnecessary recording are two other valuable attributes of this security camera. As it already reached its funding goal on Kickstarter and promises to add more value through integrated support for Google Home and Amazon Alexa, it would be a great buy when released later this year around the month of September. Obviously, it is priced a little ambitiously but it does worth the price when you consider the value offerings.