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Eufy Genie: A Device Very Much Similar To Echo Dot, Just Cheaper


Genie is the new smart home speaker which comes with Amazon Alexa built-in. Genie is made by the China-based accessory maker, Anker. Anker is the maker of decent-quality versions of everyday gadgets. The company started with portable chargers. But now it has Bluetooth headphones, portable speakers, dash cams, and Lightning cables. Anker’s latest device, Eufy Genie, is a cheaper version of the Echo Dot smart speaker. The Eufy Genie has capabilities that are almost exactly similar to that of Echo Dot’s. It can plug into speakers or work on its own. Genie can set timers, play music, answer questions, and access thousands of Alexa skills.

Alexa Voice-Control System.

Genie is fully integrated with the Alexa voice-control system. She tells you the news, weather, sports scores, and your calendar. Genie comes with ever-expanding skills. She provides thousands of services like music, smart-home control, food delivery, car calling, and much more.

Powerful Sound.

Genie has a sound as powerful as her brain. It comes with an audio driver using HiFi-grade material. It helps delivers stronger bass and 200% more volume than Amazon’s Echo Dot. You will be heard from across the room, even when music is playing. The credit for this goes to far-field voice recognition.

Audio Smart Far-Field Voice Processor.

The AudioSmart far-field voice processor detects sound in 360°. It easily isolates and removes noise. It then makes use of echo cancellation to hear your voice during loud music playback or voice prompts. The Aluminium Alloy Driver in Genie nourishes the sound with minimal distortion. It also has a professional DSP that delivers an energetic audio and vivacious bass.

Connects With Other Smart Home Devices.

Genie is also capable of taking control of situations. It will command the connected smart home devices to ensure your house is cleaned and decorated and lit according to your choice. By making use of the Alexa voice-control, Genie is able to connect easily with other smart home devices.

The Verdict.

Alexa is built-in, so Genie has almost the same skillset as that of Echo Dot, as there is Alexa built-in. It will seamlessly work with any Alexa-compatible devices. At $35, it is much cheaper than Echo Dot. This is good if you plan to buy multiple devices. Genie has enhanced audio quality and volume over Echo Dot. But it just has a 2W speaker. Genie will be compatible with all future Eufy smart home hardware. Few of the cons are that it does not support Bluetooth and does not support Alexa calls and messaging just yet. It also must be configured through separate Eufy Home app as well as Amazon Alexa app. Eufy Genie is available only in the US for now. The Eufy Genie is a cheaper version of Amazon’s Echo Dot smart speaker that claims to offer better audio quality.