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Eon Scooter – The World’s Most Powerful, Portable and Affordable Electric Scooter!

Eon Scooter

About The Eon Scooter –  “The Tesla on Two Wheels”

We started Eon Scooter because we wanted something convenient, portable and powerful to get around the city without the costs and headaches of a car, that’s safer than a skateboard and less bulky than a bike that we could take with us wherever we go from public transportation like buses, trains and taxis and when you’re not riding it you can pull it behind you like a piece of luggage. Giving you the power to zip past traffic, explore further and climb higher than ever before while avoiding expensive or hard to find parking, costs like fuel or insurance and avoiding theft by being portable and convenient to take with you wherever you go and the ability store it in a small space like a work cubicle or a closet at home.

We’re on a mission to revolutionize the portable commuter vehicle by harnessing advanced technology, and elegant design, Eon Scooters aims to put the fun back into riding, non polluting, renewable energy, quiet, inexpensive and maintenance free all electric light transportation vehicle for more than just the last mile commute, but as a replacement for a bike, car or moped. Something super simple to use, affordable and fun to ride.

There are other personal electric vehicles on the market but most of them are too difficult to use, too heavy, too bulky or too expensive. We designed the Eon Scooters to have the perfect balance of weight, durability and power for riders of all sizes. No matter your age, riding style or ability level the Eon Scooter can be ridden by nearly anyone and is the most versatile folding electric vehicle ever created. Whether you’re commuting longer distances to work, or you want the smallest and lightest option for school or tech campuses, or just cruising the neighborhood, or want the ultimate power for conquering hills and longer distances the Eon Scooter offers a level of safety, function and fun never seen before in light personal transportation. With 3 models to choose from, we have something for everyone, it’s your choice!

The Eon Scooter is simple to operate, just turn it on and go. Just like riding a bike, but easier and more powerful and more convenient/practical, with a lower center of gravity making it even safer and without the sweat or greasy chains to break or gears to adjust. If you want a workout, go ahead and kick assist. Don’t want to kick, you don’t have to, just push the throttle and you’ll speed through the city effortlessly and with silky smooth acceleration. With the electronically adjustable speed setting and backlit LCD display you can go as slow or as fast you want up to 25mph with our Pro model. And with up to 2 horsepower you can conquer any hill with our 1500w rear wheel drive hub motor.

With sport tuned electronics and Tesla style batteries are the key factor to what makes the Eon Scooter so special. Unlike most front wheel drive electric scooters on the market which have chains or gears to propel them, ours is maintenance free, compact, and ultra powerful customized gearless direct drive sensored rear hub motor which can carry a 300lb person up 30 percent grades and allow you to hit top speeds quicker while conquering hills.
Couple this efficient drivetrain with an industry leading 15ah Tesla style battery and you can ride for over 35 miles on full electric power alone.

The purpose of the dual mode is to ride standing or seated for longer distance and with the wheel upgrades it is versatile to ride on different terrain – you can ride on packed sand, snow, dirt and pavement – on road and off, the variety of terrain you can cover is endless. A beautiful design, simple to use, with excellent performance we have designed the scooters from top to bottom in San Francisco to be the best possible scooter available anywhere..

Eon Scooter

The scooter has a key lock for security and it even features a lighted USB port so you can charge all your devices on the go or map your next destination hands free with our practical smart phone holder.

We conceived of the scooter 2 years ago and have built multiple working prototypes which we’ve literally tested over thousands of miles with hundreds of test riders including visitors to our multiple Demo Days. We put these scooters through their paces on the most challenging courses we could find. They’re battle tested and designed to take a beating. Stay in control with the powerful dual mode regenerate e-brakes and rear mechanical brake and full suspension.

We’ve got 3 exciting models ready for production, we need your help to harness economies of scale to bring the cost of production down by manufacturing large batches at the lowest possible cost and pass the savings onto you. With your backing and our expertise. We’re gonna bring you a scooter that will change the way you think about riding forever. So stop wasting money on gas, leave the car in the garage, and come cruise with us towards a more sustainable future.

Everyone thinks of kick scooters as kid toys or of seated scooters as low power mobility devices for seniors, they definitely don’t expect electric scooters to be powerful, quick and portable. I think the biggest surprise people have at our Demo rides is just how easy it is to ride, how affordable it is, and how much power it has. Just seeing it’s the real deal actually exists most people who have a chance to ride it can’t wait to get it.

We are rewarding our early crowdfunding backers as we launch our brand and do our part to revolutionize transportation by leveraging economies of scale and manufacturing large batches of scooters that are built to order and shipped directly to our customers, bypassing expensive traditional retailers, resellers, distributors and warehousing costs and passing the savings directly to you.

We want to thank everyone for backing our new scooters and climbing to the become the #1 highest funded electric scooter campaign in crowdfunding history, our Indiegogo campaign has taken on a life of it’s own and we can’t wait to see what people do with the Eon Scooter, how people plan to use it, where to ride it and all the accessories they add to it.

Why Buy the Eon Scooter?

The Eon Scooter is available in 3 different size and power models to choose from. Whether you want the smallest and lightest folding scooter or the most powerful, hill conquering scooter with an innovative removable folding seat which enables you to sit OR stand, your choice of riding style!

It is easy to take the Eon Scooter with you wherever you go, folding in seconds, you just have to grab the handy trolley handle and take your Eon Scooter with you.

With 3 styles to choose from, the versatile pneumatic all-terrain tires, the standard pneumatic road tires, or the flat-free airless honeycomb solid tires, the ride is always smooth, on any street and can handle off road terrain as well.

With just a 2-hour quick charge, your Eon Scooter is powered up and ready to ride again.

Technical Specifications:

  • The Eon Scooter Pro has the capacity of hitting 25 mph with a range of 30 to 50 miles on a single charge and weight of 29lbs and capable of 30% grades hill climbing.
  • The Eon Scooter Standard is capable of 25mph and range of 18mph and weight of 27lbs.
  • The Eon Scooter Mini is capable of 15mph, weighs 15lbs and has a range of 18 miles.
  • Lightweight and recyclable aircraft grade aluminum frame and anodized aluminum wheels
1500w Direct drive, gearless, brushless hub motor 2 horsepower allows speeds up to 25mph Waterproof and dust-proof backlit LCD display with programmable speed settings.
4hr standard or 2hr fast charger – 7 cents a charge!
  • Dual front and rear suspension.
  • Dual braking system: E-brake, regenerative brake that recharges the battery when braking to act like a mini generator and recapture up to 10% of lost energy and a powerful mechanical sealed drum brake
  • Folding handlebars
  • Waterproof cover for the charging port

Available Accessories:

  1. Waterproof Backlit LCD display with programmable speed limit settings and cruise control option.
Powerful motorcycle horn
  3. Smartphone holder with built in LED lighted USB charging port
  4. Ultra-bright 2000 lumen LED headlight.
  5. Rolling storage bag.
Universal Cargo Trailer hitch adapter
  7. Folding side mirror.

Price & Availability

All the three models of Eon Scooter are available by pre-order on Indiegogo ranging from $299, $349, or $399 USD plus available accessories are available. These models will be shipping from May of 2017.


The Eon Scooter models are designed with stunning looks and a durable system for all ages and riders of all sizes. It is an affordable option and sure to give you many awesome rides of your life.