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Enjoy Worry Free Internet Access with Karma Go Wi-Fi

Karma Go Wi-Fi

Technology company Karma has been around since 2012. Known for its first generation Karma hotspot that was released in 2012, Karma has popularized the concept of pay as you go hotspot in the US market ever since. While the 2012 model offered normal speeds and didn’t exactly live up to the expectations it had set, the company is all set to revolutionize the Internet hotspot space with its new hotspot device.

4G LTE Mobile Hotspot

Searching for a Wi-Fi hotspot has always been an issue with smartphone users. Hence Karma Go is the perfect device, ideal for users who are on the go. Serving as a 4G LTE mobile hotspot, Karma Go picks up a cellular connection from around you and turns it into your own personal Wi-Fi signal, anywhere you are. Currently, Karma Go is available in 460 cities across the US.

Cool Features

The Karma Go is a compact device, weighing only 2.3 ounces. The rounded, pocket-sized unit looks stylish and can be easily placed in a drawer or laptop case. The Karma Go incorporates a power button and a micro-USB charging port on one side. It has a 1500mAH battery that can be charged for a maximum usage time of 5 hours and offers around 220 hours of standby time. The circular LEDs on the side of the Karma Go indicate the battery level and the signal strength of the wireless network.

Easy Payment Options

Karma Go enables users to choose how they want to pay for their data; either for what they use or a monthly payment, depending on their need. Users also get the freedom to switch between either of the payment options, anytime they wish to.


  • With the refuel payment option, users can buy data at $14/GB and add more as soon as they run out.
  • Data once bought never expires, unless it gets used up.
  • It offers speeds of 6-8Mbps and highs of 25Mbps.
  • Users can get up to 8 personal devices online at any time.
  • The Karma Go refuel payment option is perfect for light use like pop-up work sessions, occasional travel, as a backup internet, and more.


  • With the neverstop payment option, users can pay $50 a month and get unlimited data.
  • Users can enjoy speeds up to 5 Mbps and get up to 3 personal devices online at any time.
  • The Karma Go neverstop payment option is perfect for heavy Internet use like video streaming, downloading, worry-free browsing and more.

Karma Go Mobile App

The Karma WiFi is a mobile app that enables users to stay on top of all the action, all the time. With the Karma WiFi, users can manage their data, see data usage in real time, switch between plans, check their Internet signal and battery life, view who else is on the network, turn off the power of the device, update info and do a lot more things. The app is available for free download on iOS and Android devices.

Enjoy Worry Free Internet Access

Karma Go offers worry-free Internet access to users. There are no contracts, no hidden fees and nothing in between the lines. Karma Go offers simple and easy to use the Internet to users, and the service offered is as transparent as possible. The Karma Go is available for $99; users can then choose the perfect plan that suits their needs. Additionally, with the Karma Go, users can earn $1 credit or 100 MB of free data, every time a new member gets online using their device.