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Electrolux Pure i9: The Robot Vacuum Cleaner with A Camera for Navigation

Electrolux Pure i9

Robot vacuum cleaners are trending these days with all major brands are competing with their innovative designs, capacities and features with robotic vacuum cleaner products. The new Electrolux Pure i9 came as a surprise in this market with a highly futuristic design and a unique camera-based navigation system. The best thing about this camera is it can navigate around any floor with ease thanks to the active help from its camera.


The Electrolux Pure i9 is also unique in design aspects. It is the first robot vacuum that comes with a triangular shape measuring 12.6 inches on each side with just 3.5 inches of height. This dimension makes it a compact vacuum cleaner capable to slip under any tight spaces including the bottom of lowest couches.

It looks somber with the dark steel coloured body and an LCD panel at the top of the cleaner showing the time, battery level, and the cleaning mode. There is a bronze made button underneath pressing which you can open up the top-loading dustbin. The bumper at the front accommodates the 3D camera used to navigate the cleaner around. The cleaner also comes with a built-in speaker offering updates about the status.

The connected app and setup

This vacuum cleaner is run by the Electrolux Pure i9 app for Android or iOS platforms. As soon as you download it, the app automatically connects the vacuum cleaner by following a process on its own.

The connected app that comes with this cleaner is exceptionally simple and easy to use. Just on the home screen, you have access to the status of your robot cleaner along with information for the battery life, next cleaning schedule, etc. You can also go to the settings by just tapping on the blue plus symbol at the centre and can access all your required commands, modes, schedules, and other settings.

The app also provides a feature to see the entire cleaning maps of the house just by tapping on the Notepad icon in the upper right corner. This area will also showcase all types of relevant statistics including the total area cleaned, the duration for which the vacuum ran, and the respective dates and times. The map just works quite accurately to represent your home premise without going into too many details.

The same app also allows you to stop, pause, resume and start your vacuum cleaner. That means your smartphone can be used as the remote for your robotic cleaner.

How it works?

The Electrolux Pure i9 is a truly high-performance robot vacuum packed with standout features and cutting-edge specs. It mounts a 3D camera for navigation help, and naturally, you can expect it to navigate through the floor space more accurately than other cleaners with robotic capabilities. When this new robot vacuum is tested it shown far greater performance without bumping over any objects.

The new cleaner is also highly performance focused with the ability to clean different types of floor including carpet, tile, and wood, without the slightest difficulty. For home interiors with wall to wall carpets, the company prescribes switching off the spin brush to ensure far better cleaning. It does a great job of cleaning out any type of dirt, deposits and debris from the floor with unmatched precision.

Battery life and the dustbin

The battery life of this new robot vacuum still lacks the sharp-edged performance. The Pure i9 can be used for as long as 60 minutes by using the Eco mode, and for regular cleaning, it can be used for 43 minutes with just a single charge. The dustbin is really small, and we understand within such a compact design you cannot expect a bigger dustbin than this. The cleaning is not noiseless, and you can hear it moving around from anywhere in the interior.


It is priced with an eye-popping $899.99 which is far from affordable. When compared with other top robot vacuum options, it seems to be a little too pricey while many of its features are available with other cleaners priced at least $200 less.

Final verdict

If you are ok with an exorbitantly priced cutting-edge vacuum cleaner and if you do not compromise with your expectations of a cleaner with a most advanced navigation system, this one seems to be a perfect choice.