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Elbike Is The Coolest Ebike, At The Coolest Price


Mike Glaser and team are based in Munich, Germany. They just recently unveiled a new electric bike named the Elbike. This bike has been created to provide an affordable electric bike that is lightweight, yet beautiful. Elbike is capable of speeds up to 20 mph. It has a range of up to 31 miles. The Elbike comes with a charging hub and a removable battery. It also has a branded leather seat. The Elbike comes with a limited edition number carved on the frame.

Fully Customizable Bike.

The Elbike is said to be the worlds’ first fully customizable electric bike. It gives you options of over 200 colours to choose from. Using these colors, you can design your personal Elbike. The configurator is there to guide you through the entire design process and is extremely easy to use. This allows you to give your bike your personality, starting from the frame to fork to the front rim.

Minimalistic Design.

The Elbike is a well-designed electric bike. It is combined with modern aesthetics. It gives out high performance. The ebike comes in three sizes: 54, 58 and 62 for different riders. The Elbike sports an eye-catching minimalistic design. The aluminum frame not only delivers a durable and lightweight form factor. It also shows off a premium modern aesthetic style.

A list Of Some Benefits.

  1. No carbon dioxide emissions. There will be no carbon dioxide emissions or other pollutants if you use Electric bikes. With the Elbike, you can make cycling part of your everyday exercise. This reduces your carbon footprint along the way.
  2. Aluminum Frame. It is aluminum frame makes it easy to just pick up and move on. Getting the bike up the stairs to your apartment or across the road, it is easy.
  3. Choose your colour. You can choose the colours that define your style.
  4. Different sizes. It is available in three different sizes: small, medium and large. So you can feel comfortable on your electric bike wherever you go.
  5. Replacement. Should anything happen with the motor, you post in the entire back wheel and the company will send you a new one.
  6. About the battery. Just plug it in overnight. Your Elbike will be ready to go in the morning. One full battery will get you as far as 80km/nearly 50 miles.

Engine Made In Germany.

The hub front engine of the It is specially made by Ansmann AG, the German company. It has a maximum speed of 25km/h. The Elbike has a 418Wh rechargeable battery which is integrated in the aluminum frame. It offers up to 80km riding distance. It can go up to 50km at full speed. The 6 adjustable speed levels provide flexible and practical speed control.

Shimano Breaks.

The electric bike also features Shimano M425 break levers and breaks. It has Shimano RT 26 discs for riding safety. The adjustable leather saddle and grips provide a comfortable riding experience. An integrated display on the bike shows you the status of your it.

Shipping Next Year.

The inventor of Elbike has successfully achieved the crowdfunding goal on Kickstarter. But you can still pledge €999 to preorder the affordable electric bike. It’s expected to be shipped in February 2018.