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Egger – New AR Based Interactive Learning Projector for Kids

Egger Projector

A tech company from Hong Kong named Molio unveiled a new interactive projector with AR capability which is designed for kids. Named Egger, the projector is first of its kind device to be unveiled for kids.

While we often find kids taking a deeper interest in smartphones, tablets, and hand-held devices than even watching TV, an interactive device allowing them to watch their favorite things on big screen will certainly add value to their education and make them happy.

The projector has been built keeping all the typical considerations for children in mind. For instance, when a kid will look at the projector from a close distance it will be turned off automatically.

Beautiful Eye Candy Design

The egg shaped Egger looks really cute and in every way it gives a versatile smart feel for the little ones. The smart LED projector only measures 237mm in height and 155mm in diameter and comes with a variety of optional colors. There are integrated feet underneath to enable the egg-shaped device to stand steadily on a surface. Egger is also designed for easy handling by kids.

This is a ‘Do More’ Instrument for Kids

Obviously, kids often get stressed by staring at small screens of handheld devices for hours on end and moreover, it can be problematic for their eyes as well. Well, with Egger the kids can see the characters and lessons in large sizes on a bigger screen. Moreover, the interactive apps loaded in the Egger allow them to play with onscreen objects and elements and thus can help building their cognitive learning skills. There are several apps that help your kids creating lively and moving images through the projection.

Egger is turned on by pressing the power button on the top and after turning on it shows a beautiful cartoon character design that can further be tweaked by the kids with their pens. Besides working as a projector to allow big screen visuals for learning and gaming it also serves as a home theater. Through Egger, it becomes incredibly easier to explore creativity, give vent to the imagination, and learn things faster in an interactive way.

Feature Rich Multipurpose Projector

Egger is really featured rich with advanced level specs and a diversity of functionalities. Let us have a look at the various features and specs offered by this gorgeous looking projector.

  • It has an onboard camera allowing documenting the time spent by your family together.
  • The same camera coupled up with Wi-Fi connection also allows video conferencing when needed.
  • This gadget supports a majority of the media file formats and so through it, you can play movies, music, and display images just through a USB drive.
  • It offers robust capabilities in adjusting brightness. The level of brightness can easily be scaled down or the projector can automatically adjust the brightness level to the surroundings.
  • Egger has a simple on/off button on the top and there is a deck for charging.
  • This projector is powered inside by a Quad-Core processor, high-performance LED projector, and an HD camera.
  • Egger is capable of projecting a screen size that can go up to 100 inches with a stunning 1200×800 resolution.
  • It has an HDMI and other regular ports allowing various devices to connect.
  • Egger offers parental tools to allow parents moderating the content to be visible by their children.
  • It also offers a motion control remote allowing playing movies and songs remotely.
  • Running on Google Android, the smart projector offers access to a multitude of apps on Google Play.

Interactive Learning with Augmented Reality

Egger can allow playing augmented reality based interactive apps. These apps allow kids to interact with the appearance of the objects on the screen. This develops the hand to eye coordination and thus helps to improve the cognitive skills. The ergonomic remote further adds ease by allowing the kids to draw on the screen while watching a video.

Price of Egger and Availability

On a crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo, Egger has fulfilled the goal in just four hours Already most of the early bird packs are sold out. The product is going to be shipped from November at a price of $299.