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Educational Program Sphero SPRK+ : Now Robotics is Fun!

Sphero SPRK+

Coding has turned into a kid-targeted playground lately and the maker of the ace BB-8 remote-control robot has launched Sphero SPRK + armored in a scratch resistant shell to better survive the imagination and creativity of kids. Designed to educate and inspire children, Sphero has announced a new kid-friendly programmable robot, the Sphero SPRK+ geared towards robotics education and boosting kids’ interest in the space. It is updated with a Lightning Lab app full of crowd-shared projects and educational ideas. It teaches foundational programming through STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and design, math) activities.

Working Method

There are a lot of fun challenges and projects that feel like interactive lesson plans, in SPRK + and these activities involve actual step-by-step coding creatively using Sphero’s motions. This robot can do enormous tasks like: Painting, maze-running and precise turning too.

Sphero SPRK is enabled with LED lights, an accelerometer, gyroscope and inductive charging, other than this the motors can make it spin at various speeds and directions.


In the near future, one can expect IT jobs to be in vogue but the number of jobs will be filled by capable students. Therefore, many people are trying to teach their kids while they are young by introducing them to the world of computers and robotics, in the form of games. With the support of Lightning Lab app, kids start developing apps at a very early age. There are hundreds of free activities to browse — some made by Sphero, others from the community.

There are various setups like chariot or boat enclosures to win races, or designing and completing a maze that can be done by Programmable sensors that engage students on a new level. With these little systems they learn to code, and share creations with the global community. It brings fun a new dimension to coding.

Special Features of Sphero SPRK+

  • It features inductive charging (with a 60-minute battery life).
  • SPRK + has programmable sensors to make it quite interactive.
  • Has an accelerometer for added value to the game.
  • It is embedded with a gyroscope.
  • Has introduced LED lights for working and moving in all directions.
  • The outer shell is made up of scratch resistant and waterproof sheet to protect the toy.
  • This device has organized an easy way to sync the ball to a phone or tablet.
  • New programmable beep and boop sounds are added for the fun dimension of coding.
  • The important feature of SPRK + is that it is accompanied by a Lightning Lab app.
  • Additionally, the news feed is inserted in the Lightning Lab app that highlights trending content, comments and contributions.

Price and Availability

The Sphero SPRK+ is now available to buy for $129, on the company’s online store. You can find a list of retail partners for your area anywhere. Along with it the Lightning Lab app is available as a free download for iOS devices, Android phones and tablets.

Sphero SPRK+ costs a little more than last year’s SPRK, as it is added with a scratch-resistant coating and a better tap-to-pair Bluetooth Smart connection.

Sphero’s other robots—the original SPRK, Sphero, and Ollie—are also on sale online and in stores, which are compatible with iOS and Android.


Learning is evolving and we are seeing a transition from consumption to creation with the use of robots. These techs have emerged a lot and have engaged students on a new level of creativity.

Sphero is already in use in over 1,000 schools a fun little toy with a lot of fringe benefits. So grab this wonderful Sphero SPRK + and turn your little darlings into little app developers.