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eCam – The Only Affordable 4K Camera Ever

eCam 4K Camera

A stunning 4K camera with bullishly high-end features offered at the fraction of a price, that is eCam. From 30FPS 4K Recording to 16MP Sony Sensor to a definitive 7 layered 173 Degree Wide Angle Lens, you can expect from it almost all that you ever expected from an ambitiously priced 4K camera of other brands. The device presently going through a crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo already raised $31,294 from 341 backers which are more than 300% of the initial fund target.

From the specs and features, it looks far better than a GoPro only at the fraction of the price. In all regards, eCam is presently the most affordably priced 4K camera in a budget category. While in feature set it is positioned way ahead of its competitors, it stands as the most affordable of the lot as well.

Strong Built and Clean Design

eCam is built solid and durable with high strength plastics and when kept inside the waterproof case the camera can go up to 30 meters of underwater depth. The camera offers a compact shape with the extremely lightweight body. It weighs just 54 grams and the dimension goes as 29.8×59.2x41mm. The camera is offered in 6 different colors.

eCam Accessories

eCam comes loaded with all adventure friendly accessories that traveler needs. All kinds of mounts and straps are provided with the camera that is required for various outdoor activities and sports.

eCam Features and Specs at a glance

It is loaded with advanced 4K camera features and most reasonable specs to ensure unmatched image quality when compared to many of its competitors. Let us have a look at the key specs and features of this upcoming camera.

  • It has 16mp Sony IMX Sensor.
  • Both 4K and 2.7K recording capability at 30FPS.
  • It offers wider viewing area with 173° HD wide angle Fisheye lens.
  • It is equipped with inbuilt 2inch LCD.
  • It offers up to 64 GB microSD memory support.
  • It is equipped with inbuilt Microphone.
  • eCam is capable of Slow Motion recording.
  • There is Time Lapse feature in it.
  • The camera also offers car mode and loop recording.
  • It has inbuilt Wi-Fi networking capability.
  • There are both HDMI and USB ports.
  • eCam is waterproof for up to 30m depth under the water.

What Makes eCam Special?

eCam is the first of its kind 4K camera with such so many goodies packed together for unmatched imaging output. It is made to deliver an array of high-end imaging features like image stabilization, recording slow motion video, recording time-lapse video, date stamping, and loop video recording. eCam comes loaded with a replaceable battery capable of unperturbed video recording for a stretch of 2 full hours.

There is also an eCam app that further facilitates all kinds of actions typically photographers need. You can wirelessly preview images, select resolution and frame rate and capture videos or still images through the app. The app is presently available on both Android and iOS platforms.

Operating eCam

Finally, when it comes to the operating ease, eCam is equally suitable for an expert or a novice. The intuitive and user-friendly interface give the camera extreme ease of use. Moreover, the camera offers support for as many as 13 international languages. There are three types of controls provided by this camera which include the following.

  • On-camera controls
  • Wireless control through Camera Remote
  • Wireless control through eCam mobile app

Our Verdict

With such a moderate price and such range of mind blowing features the camera seems to have an unmatched competitive edge over all other 4K cameras in budget price. The $199 camera is being offered at a special Super Early Bird Price of $62, which is really lucrative.