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Duo Portable Security Sensor: Safekeeping Valuables Became Smarter with This Security Device

Duo Portable Security Sensor

At a quick glance, it gives you an impression of a miniature spaceship that came straight out of the sci-fi movies. But it is actually a simple, cute little sensor that adds to your security arrangements at home. When you are not at home or just have gone away for a few days, this little sensor will help to track any movement and light within the room. Most important of all, you can always put it in a closet, a safe or a drawer or even a suitcase. Simtek Duo is truly a unique piece of gadget that can give your home security final touch of reassurance.

It is about to come out of Indiegogo with huge applause. It started its journey in the crowdfunding platform way back in the middle of the last year, and it progressed well with some crucial design innovations and great features. Now finished and almost ready to hit the market anytime soon, it looks really promising to make a big impression in the market of security gadgets.

It secures any closet in an easy manner

It gets synced with your phone easily through the Duo’s app. All you need to do is to scan the QR code, and you have done. Now when it’s synced just put in the closet or within any closed places like a suitcase or a drawer and put an alarm for anyone opening it. Whenever one opens it you get a text message with the device light blinking simultaneously. With the app continuously making you notified, you just do not need to depend upon text messaging alone for alerts. But when you are away from home leaving some valuables in a closet, the text messaging feature will provide enough peace of mind concerning the security. It is quite a great device to give your jewelry box or gun safe or vault of valuables an extra layer of security.

Well equipped with security features

Duo Simtek is also portable to carry along wherever you go with a small form factor, and easy palm-sized design. Syncing with the Duo app on your smart handheld it always keeps you informed and as soon as the device senses any light or motion it informs you through the mobile app. As reported already by some experts, the latest versions of the Simtek Duo will also have location tracking feature allowing you to track a vault or suitcase if it is moved from one place to another whether the safe is opened while moving or not. This amounts to a lot of peace of mind and assurance for security for your valuables stuck in a closet or safe. The setting up is done almost instantly without any delay and syncing only requires a GSM cellular service.

A quick grab of specs

  • Simtek Duo portable security sensor comes with a load of hi-end specs. Let us have a look at the key specs of Simtek Duo.
  • Size: It has the dimension of 1.48″ x 3.66″ x 3.26′
  • Weight: It weighs 4.3 oz.
  • Device is made of: ABS plastic
  • Battery Life: The battery life goes up to 1 year depending on usage.
  • Sensors: It comes with two sensors, respectively one for visible light and second for detecting passive motion with infrared technology.
  • Sensitivity: For detection, it has the 15′ by 15′ motion detection range and capability to detect any visible light
  • Connectivity: It works with GSM cellular connectivity.
  • Battery Type: It is loaded with rechargeable lithium-ion CR123a battery.

Price, warranty and availability

The Simtek Duo comes with one year warranty for free technology support for a full year. The market price of the product with a lifetime unlimited data plan is going to be $400. Now, through pre-order, you can avail a 50% discounted price of just $199. It is scheduled to be shipped from October this year.

Ending note

The Simtek Duo makes it quite simple and user-friendly to deliver an extra layer of security to your valuables without much fuss. Though the scheduled market price is going to be a bit expensive for the average buyers. But if you are really concerned about safekeeping your valuables while you are away from home, there is not a better solution you can think of. This is why the discounted price of $199 seems quite lucrative for the device.