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Capture the Vast World with the Compact Drift Stealth 2

Drift Stealth 2

Technological innovations are happening in every industry. While smartphone technology has taken the world by storm, modernizations in photographic equipment industry are also happening at lightning fast speed. Though mobile phones do provide camera options for casual use, state-of-the-art photographic equipment are a class apart. Drift’s Stealth 2 is one such gadget that is changing the face of the action camera industry.

Presenting Drift Stealth 2

In a black and white world of camera phones and digital SLRs, the Drift Stealth 2 incorporates the best of both. It is not only compact and easy to carry and use like a mobile phone, but also enables capture of high quality images like an SLR. By continuously revising its design, Drift has succeeded in launching a product that is slowly transforming into a brand in itself.

Enchanting Features that Augment User Experience

Known for launching innovative products, Drift’s latest entrant in the camera market is Stealth 2. Marketed as Drift’s smallest and lightest camera to date, Drift Stealth 2 is feature rich, enabling high performance pictures to be captured. The camera is light weight and easy to use, making Drift Stealth 2 one of the most sought after cameras in its category. Being small in size, Drift Stealth 2 can be carried anywhere and everywhere, thus enabling people to capture spontaneous moments as and when they want.

  • Small size
  • Easy to carry and use
  • Wi-fi connectivity
  • Flashback video tagging
  • Photo burst
  • Car DVR mode
  • 2-way remote compatibility
  • Time lapse functionality

Using the Universal Clip, Drift Stealth 2 can be mounted anywhere on the body thus making it convenient to use. Additionally, with the Stealth 2 waterproof case, it can be used underwater for depths up to 40m. Drift Stealth 2 can also be controlled by the Stealth mobile app for a perfect shot setup, photo capture and playback on iOS and Android devices.

Super Specs make it Worthy of Possession

The Drift Stealth 2 is a top-notch device that is built using high quality 7 element lens that provides a 137° optical view and makes objects appear closer and sharper. The exceptional Frames per Second (FPS) capability produces high definition footage.

  • Compact (80x42x27 mm)
  • 3 hour battery life
  • Light weight (97g)
  • 300° rotating lens
  • 1080p HD
  • Aptina CMOS sensor

With Drift Stealth 2, people can now capture adventures in full HD and create spectacular slow motion shots. The rotating lens and aerodynamic design makes Drift Stealth 2 an exceptional POV camera. Moreover, the colour coded screen and LED display offers a gratifying user experience.

Defeating its Predecessor, Hands Down

While its predecessor, the Drift Ghost S was also a piece of innovation, Drift Stealth 2 has defeated it in terms of its compactness. Drift Stealth 2 (80x42x27mm) is half the size of Drift Ghost S (105x52x33mm), enabling people to carry it in their pockets. It is also 40% lighter (97gm) than the Ghost S (171), making it easy to use and mount. While both products offer 1080p, Drift Ghost S provides an FPS of 60 while the Drift Stealth 2 provides an FPS of 30. More importantly, the Drift Stealth 2 is priced at $199, as compared to the Drift Ghost S which is priced at $299, thus making the Drift Stealth 2 more affordable.

Final Verdict

Drift Stealth 2 is a carefully crafted action sports camera that offers an enriching user experience for capturing various adventures. Long battery life, high quality resolution and 300° rotating lens only increases its worthiness, luring users into owning this innovative device. High quality specs coupled with its compactness make Drift Stealth 2 truly a gadget of desire.