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Doogee V: A Smartphone Combining Features and Design of iPhone X

Doogee V

How can a new smartphone can really stay ahead of all contemporary flagships? The common sense always says it is possible only by pulling up the best features and innovative ideas together from various existing smartphones. While some new makers show their explicit potential in copying other models, none really could pull several winning ideas into one phone. But with the new Doogee V smartphone, you have a smartphone that incorporated this approach to the fullest. Literally, it pulled up Ideas from everything in the smartphone world.

A design instantly recognisable as iPhone X

Doogee V in its effort to beat the competition as a cutting edge Android smartphone for the Chinese market tried to deliver a design that looks similar to the iPhone X in look. Just have a look at its breathtaking front that flaunts a 6.2-inch display surrounded by very nominal bezels. Though minimum bezel is something common in most flagships these days, the all-screen display along with the notch at the top reminds us of the design of iPhone X.

Apart from the notch, the corners of the display of Doogee also looks similar to the iPhone X. But there are few stealthy and lucratively brilliant differences as well. For instance, unlike the iPhone X, Doogee V doesn’t house the sensor behind the notch at the top. The notch at the top only accommodates a speaker, camera, and a sensor for the ambient light. Doogee V offers the fingerprint sensor on the phone screen itself and this is something that no other major flagship has not come up with.

It looks like Samsung S9 on the backside

While the iPhone X similarities dominate the smartphones at the front, the back of the phone looks a lot similar to the Galaxy S9. The glass panel at the backside with vertically stacked dual camera offers a much similar look and feel of the Samsung S9 design that has already been leaked and widely discussed.

Flexible full screen

There has been a lot of buzz about flexible screens, and it is supposed to be the next big trend for many smartphones. As the smartphones of all makes are adopting large screen display, the next big promise we rely upon is the flexible full screen display. The flexible display along with higher than usual screen ratio will not only enhance viewing pleasure and but will also add more adaptability and ease of operation for the users.

In spite of being flexible, the screen of Doogee V is almost unbreakable as it is not made of glass but a customised elastic material equipped for more durability than other devices. This new AMOLED display will also ensure a much thinner, lighter and durable smartphone. This will also help the display of the phone consuming least power.

Fingerprint sensor within display

While the Face Recognition is all at rage as a futuristic feature for many smartphones, the DOOGEE V offers more sophistication with Synaptics powered n-display optical fingerprint sensor. This recognition sensor placed just under the surface of the screen detects fingerprint for authentication. It is one of the most convenient features for authenticating users and unlocking the phone. You can unlock the Doogee V with a single touch thanks to the one-touch biometric authentication offered directly through the touchscreen.

Design and performance, both stand together

The in-display fingerprint sensor of DOOGEE V also helps to avoid a separate home button common to most smartphone flagships to this day. It looks equally a bezel free and button free smartphone. Moreover, as the sensor and display are completely waterproof and scratch-proof with the protection of a cover glass, the user can even unlock the phone with his fingers wet.

Apart from this, the phone can be accessed from any angle, even while the user is in a horizontal position along with the phone. The Doogee V comes with powerful configuration with 8GB of RAM and 128GB internal storage space. This enhanced RAM and storage price to be quite a lot to add to the processing speed and storage space.

Final verdict

Doogee V is truly a standout smartphone flagship that combines most advanced design innovations and features of other smartphones into one powerful device. If you are looking for one awesome smartphone that combines too many cutting edge features and design attributes of other major flagships, go for Doogee V.