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Doki Watch – The Smart Wearable for Kids with Multiple Features!

Doki Watch

Most wearables for kids do not have much functionality and usually include tracking features only. The new Doki Watch is a rarity as it features advanced features, along with fitness tracking and calling functionality to make it a complete smartwatch for kids. The design is quite kid-friendly and robust enough to withstand rough use.

The dokiWatch is meant for kids aged 6 to 12 years old and is supposed to be the first child-friendly 3G-enabled wearable in the world. Kids can easily make voice calls and even do video calling through the watch while in emergency situations, one can easily send messages or SOS to one of the parents or the guardian.

Doki Watch – Much More than a Tracker!

The wearable includes fantastic tracking functionality so that parents can track their children anytime. The SOS button can trigger a 60-second recording which transmits the kid’s location to all the contacts stored within the watch.

Smartwatches for kids are not new since LG was one of the first companies to have some gadgets for kids. Many other wearables like SAFE Kids Paxie Band offer the security features for kids with options like digital monitoring. With multiple features, the Doki Watch is trying to make inroads in the market which is flooded by standalone location trackers, fitness trackers and heart rate assessment machines and the like. What’s more, there are not many wearables that are reserved for kids, while adults have scores and scores of wearables for themselves that they can use for any of their requirements.

A Feature Set that is Comprehensive and All-Encompassing


  • The Doki Watch packs in varied features like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and 3G connectivity
  • Kids can call their contacts and have video calls with the built-in camera
  • They can text and message with emojis too
  • Doki Watch includes location monitoring, geo-fencing and SOS features
  • The watch is based on Android 4.4 and has a colour touchscreen display for kids to handle it easily.

Parents can track their kids who have worn the smartwatch through the Doki app. The watch also has a game to keep youngsters active while the DokiPet sets fitness goals for kids in turn offering badges and awards. Parents can relate to panic attacks that they have when their children go missing, even for a short time. This device helps parents to communicate and track their children whenever required. One can expect Doki Watch as a wearable to be a hit with parents and guardians who face problems with controlling children.

Relevance of Doki Watch in the world of wearables

Kids trackers are huge business since it is known that budget GPS trackers for kids have been selling consistently more than all of Samsung’s wearables in the last two quarters, as per IDC’s Worldwide Wearable Tracker report. It is revealed that BBK, the Chinese electronics giant sold 700,000 units of the XTC Y01 which proved to be a bestselling smartwatch for kids. The price tag was attractive too at ¥796.00 (nearly $125).

Many parents while going shopping with their teeny kids find it impossible to manage them and their whereabouts on a consistent basis. They are here one moment and the next moment they are gone.

Doki Technologies, recently surpassed their goal of $20,000 out of a total $121k. The interested investors who are keen to get their hands on a dokiWatch for $149. It will later be sold at $179 USD. Shipping is expected to start in May.