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DJI Osmo Plus – The First Handheld Integrated Zoom Camera Is Here!

DJI Osmo Plus

One of the all-time great Drone manufacturers in the world has launched the first handheld version of the stabilizing gimbal and integrated zoom camera with the DJI Osmo Plus. The previous DJI’s Osmo is already one of the better action cameras out there, but with its latest advancement, the company has been improved on the original in one obvious but significant way: zoom feature.

The camera is already on its way to make a huge impression!

This all new camera has unprecedented stability and image quality that is compatible with iOS and the DJI GO app. The zoom lens of this camera allows for up to 7x digital zoom and 3.5x optical zoom and lets one shoot crisp and stable 4K video at any time and place.

It allows the users to accomplish dynamic shots that come with a series of powerful shooting features and intuitive controls. Even the time-lapse functions are incredibly easy to use as the camera can be used single-handedly.

Working Process of the DJI Osmo Plus

DJI Osmo Plus

DJI Osmo Plus camera can shoot up to 4K at 30FPS and can also grab 12-megapixel still images from the video footage. Before embarking on the shoot, one can mark the camera movement start and end, and tap on ‘Start’ to commence on the shoot. This gives one more control over the composition than ever before.

It is easy to create phenomenal time lapses without additional technology equipment. It is also important to keep the Osmo Plus camera flat, no matter how you move it, whether you are dealing with live streaming or shooting your first film. The focal length of DJI Osmo Plus ranges between 22mm to 77mm without sacrificing HD quality. It has a variable aperture, which remains at f2.8 at the widest angles, but stops down to f5.2 when zoomed in.

Motion Time-lapse Function

Motion Time-lapse mode lets you pick a start and endpoint through the camera will slowly move between the portions and then record creating a moving time-lapse between those two points. The outcome definitely looks cool.

All these features sync with the DJI Go app very well and those who want to move beyond the hand-held version of gimbal then instead of this you can pick up a tripod or an extension rod for more productivity.

Awesome Features

  • DJI Osmo Plus has a 12.4-megapixel camera that features a 1/2.3 inch Sony Exmor R CMOS sensor.
  • It has a capacity of shooting video in 4K.
  • The Osmo+ can achieve 100 frames per second while its predecessor could hit 120 frames per second. With the motion time-lapse feature, you can create some amazing motion time lapses.
  • The Osmo+ has a 1,225mAh battery.
  • With the use of advanced stabilization, the camera has the ability to capture 4K/30fps video and 1080p/100fps in slow motion.
  • The zoom feature can take various action selfies, detailed panoramas along with motion time lapses.
  • It has a great function to take crisp front-facing action shots after a quick triple tap of the trigger button.
  • The detailed panorama shots can blend nine separate photos into one and can give long exposure to photographs with advanced stabilization ability.

Other Accessories

With the kit, the accessories include a built-in microphone, a DJI Focus remote controller, External Battery Extender, Extension Rod, etc.

Price & Availability

The DJI Osmo+ is available now for a price of $649 with a collection of accessories including a bike mount that is worth $49 and a universal mount that is for $25 to add extra equipment if it is necessary.  The company also offers a warranty plan for the Osmo+, called Osmo Shield $65, which doubles the device’s warranty to two years with life time maintenance facility.


As DJI has unveiled a new addition to their range of cameras with the launch of the DJI Osmo+, the Osmo device gets you closer to things on the ground. It has surely added new worth mentioning features with a new look and zeal.