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Ding – A New Minimalist ‘Smart’ Doorbell

Ding Doorbell

Ding is a new doorbell for your smart home. It is a minimalist doorbell that helps you prevent missing a package or a visitor, just because you were not present there at that moment. This collaboration between London-based Ding and creative consultancy MAP allows you to communicate with your visitors remotely. It was recently launched on Kickstarter and raised almost $25,000 in a single day

Minimalist Design

Ding is a smart doorbell that lets you talk with the person on your front door, no matter where you are in the world. This new doorbell system consists of three elements: an exterior doorbell button, Chime which is a fabric-covered indoor WiFi speaker, and a companion smartphone app.

It is designed to be simple, smart, and beautiful. The designers have ensured that the design improves user experience and works elegantly. The Button on the doorbell is small and slender, with a decent choice of colors, and easily fits your doorframe. The Chime is fabric covered speaker that you can mount on a wall, or set up on a shelf.

How does it work?

  1. Press the Ding Button: The button on the device attached to your doorframe works as a doorbell. The doorbell on your front door is replaced by the Ding exterior doorbell, that is a small capsule-shaped device, with a button on it.
  2. Hear the Ding Chime: Whenever a visitor presses the button on the exterior doorbell device, the indoor Chime starts ringing. This Capsule shaped device then chimes, letting you know about the guest at the front door.
  3. Talk on your phone: The moment the doorbell rings, it also passes on to the Ding app on your phone, in the form of a voice call. The smartphone app lets you talk to the person on your front door, from wherever you are in the world.


The Ding system works with a companion app that can be used on any iOS or Android devices. The companion app is a major part of the system because it lets you connect to the visitor on your front door. Whenever a person rings the doorbell, Ding will turn the doorbell’s chime into a voice call that goes straight to your phone, thanks to the app. Using the mobile app, you can keep a track of all your visitors. Also, you can silence the interior chime whenever you want.

Ding is different

It is a smart doorbell driven by technology. It offers you features that you would never expect from a doorbell. It has a very simple setting up procedure. There is no lengthy user manual to setup or use. Ding comes in a decent and beautiful color that easily matches your paint colors. It is a smart doorbell that makes use of your smartphone and lets you know who has come to your front door.

It has been made using a Charcoal color scheme that can easily suit most doors and interiors. There is also a Limited Edition color scheme which will be either Teal, Cobalt, or Salmon.

Price & Availability

The Ding smart doorbell will be available at $129 and is available for pre-order on Kickstarter. Shipping would take place in August 2017.


Ding helps you communicate with the person at your doorstep quickly and effectively. It offers a human touch to the experience. It is not like any other system that delivers messages in a synthetic voice. It has been criticized for not having a camera. But what really matters is that the main purpose is being served by the product, which Ding does effectively. What really sets Ding apart from others is that is sleek and easy to use.