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Delux Wireless Vertical Mouse Frees You From Your Wrist Pain

Delux Wireless Vertical Mouse

There is a new Vertical Mouse available in the market, it is called the Delux Vertical Mouse. The Delux Vertical Mouse frees you from wrist pain. The vertical mouse will reduce your pain when you are the gripping mouse for a long time during your work and E-sports. Its 500 Hz and 4000 DPI will make a good connection with all computers and notebooks. It offers three different levels of DPI for you to choose. All this is offered at an affordable price for your home, office, travel or PC Gaming.

Wireless Mouse.

The wrist pain bothers us all after a long period of using mouse horizontally. This happens especially when we are doing work or playing games. We are not allowed to break down to get some rest for our wrist in most cases. So the team at Delux created this vertical mouse. It is to make you free from the pain for constant using as long as to 5 hours. Delux Vertical Mouse’s Ergonomic Wireless and natural grip will reduce your wrist pain and provide a powerful, reliable connection to all your mobile devices. It’s a good choice for home, office, or business travel.

Scientific Ergonomic Design.

The wireless vertical laser mouse adopts a scientific ergonomic design. It can effectively prevent the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Its unique shape supports your hand in an upright neutral posture that generally avoids forearm twisting. Using laser sensing technology, it has advanced mouse sensor performance. Compact size and excellent sensitivity, convenient to carry and easy to operate, all of these characteristics make it stand out from the crowd.With it in charge, you will operate freely.

Functions similar to a regular mouse.

Even though it has a different design, it has the same functions and buttons like the older mouse. It’s hard to change your using habits, and the team would like to keep those buttons for you. This positioning of the buttons will be perfect for you to play games. You can feel this with something vertical, a bottle, or a rock, move it with different gestures. The vertical movement is bound to make you feel much more comfortable while using the mouse.

Runs on battery.

Delux wireless mouse needs AA Alkaline battery for its work, and it will last for at least 8 months. There has been no information regarding the price and availability of this product yet.