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Dell Visor: It’s Comfortable, Unlike Other Headsets


This week Dell announced Visor. Microsoft had teased about the development of an affordable VR headset made by its partner that includes Dell. Microsoft is calling it Mixed Reality. There are cameras on the front of the headsets. These cameras could theoretically allow for something like an experience halfway between AR and VR.

Sleek, All-White Design.

The sleek, all-white Visor design fits comfortably on your head. It is even more sci-fi than the ski mask. Headsets like the Rift and Vive are worn on the face. This puts a lot of pressure around your eyes and nose. But the Visor comes with a padded crown. This padded crown helps distribute the weight across your cranium. This makes it easier to wear during longer sessions. The Dell Visor has its own unique design.

Controls And No Hassle.

A single dial on the back of the headset is used to easily adjust the fit. It is very similar to a bike helmet. Dell’s even tidied up the cable management so that it snakes towards the back instead of dangling at the sides. It’s a really well-designed headset. Dell Visor certainly seems capable of the image quality.

The motion controllers are a mix of Rift’s Touch Controllers and the Vive’s hand controllers. Each one has a clickable touchpad, analog stick, and several buttons including triggers.

Extra Padding.

Dell has crafted the headset in such a way that it feels comfortable. This was it is easy to adjust for different users. A thumbwheel on back lets you quickly adjust the well-cushioned headband. The headset comes with extra padding, which helps balance the headset on the face take pressure off your nose and cheeks. It comes with anti-stain coating which helps keep the headset from getting dirty after other people use it.

Mix Of Virtual And Augmented Reality.

Traditional PC makers are also planning to get into the mixed reality. The mix of virtual and augmented reality is appealing all the PC makers. Acer and Lenovo kicked off their own headsets earlier this year. Now Dell, along with HP, is trying to join the club. The Dell Visor is practically the company’s version of the Microsoft HoloLens. It even uses some of the same technologies. There is inside-out tracking that removes the need to have emitters inside a room. Along with this, the Visor has a design that is unique. It uses a flip-up visor for an easier transition between real and artificial worlds.

360-Degree Immersive Picture.

The viewer has dual 1,440×1,440-resolution LCDs. These deliver the 360-degree immersive picture and it fits over glasses. And if you need to take break from the action, you can just flip up the viewer. To keep you from getting tangled up in cables, there’s a clip that keeps them together and routed out of your way.

Not Cheap At All.

The headset’s price is supposed to be “affordable.” But it’s really not cheap at all compared to more established headsets. The Vive and the necessary accessories to run it sell for $599. The Oculus Rift ships with controllers for $399. Microsoft and Dell is offering a similar pricing. The company will require a reason strong enough for people to buy this headset over the other’s.

Coming In October This Year.

Dell’s VR Visor is one of a handful of new “mixed reality” headsets designed for Windows 10 computers coming this fall. The Visor is supposed to arrive in October this year. The Visor alone costs $349 and both hand controllers are an additional $99. Dell is also going to sell a bundle with both the controllers and headset for $449.