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Dell Venue 8 7000 : The world’s slimmest Tablet

Dell Venue 8 7000

Dell has made a name for itself by making the world’s best PC’s and there was a time when every school, college and workplace had only Dell PC’s for their staff and it was kind of regular to run into Dell laptops and PC’s, such was the charm of the American PC maker. Dell was the knight in shining armour for people, for whom owning a fancy Apple computer and now Dell has become the go to PC maker for most of our daily needs.

Dell recently launched the slimmest tablet named Dell ‘Venue 8 7000” ( the model number being 7840) scored good marks in the design and functionality department. Let’s review the tablet as Dell’s first tablet.

Dell Venue 8 7000

Yes, you heard it right. Dell Venue 8 7000 is the slimmest tablet in the world, made of metal and glass and a set of 3D cameras on the back. Some geeks who laid their hands on the slimmest tablet of the world were a tad bit disappointed with the over all experience and maybe it was because they expected Dell to deliver the best piece of technology as Dell has been one of the most reputed PC makers in the world.

Features of Dell Venue 8 7000

The best thing about this tablet is the flawless design of the tablet. The tablet is supremely light, paper thin piece of technology. Dell’s Venue 8 7000 which is 8.5 X 4.9 X 0.24 inches and 10.7 ounces is even slimmer than Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S 8.4. The front of the tablet is a glass slab that runs up to the edges of the body.

The tablet is very convenient to hold despite being so slim and it makes watching videos and reading a book on the tablet much more fun. The worst part happens when you use it to capture some snaps. The back part of the tablet is matte aluminium with a nice gunmetal finish, but the bottom is made up of plastic. Dell’s screen isn’t as bright compared with Galaxy Tab S 8.4 and you will realise it when you will use it outside.

The tablet has all the latest network technologies available to mankind ranging from dual band 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 LE, GPS and NFC. But, some bloggers have used it like I mentioned above and they didn’t find the performance of the tablet as compared to that mentioned on the papers. And even the Wi-Fi speed for a similar connection was slower for Dell Venue 8 7000 in comparison with Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4.

The not so brighter side of Dell Venue 8 7000

Venue 8 7000’s storage capacity is 9.12 GB out of the 16 GB mentioned on paper, but just like other features, this too was good on paper. But, the good thing is that they provide a microSD card slot on the side and you can use upto 64 GB microSD card. Though the tablet has four cameras but none of them are really powerful. Plus, you have to flip the tablet over to take pictures and by holding the slim tablet upside down, you block one of the cameras either way. Even the camera quality is not that great. Though the 1080p videos looks just fine.

From the looks of it, Dell Venue 8 7000, the slimmest android tablet in the world has some flaws but who doesn’t? Give them guys a little breathing space and they will come up with the solutions too next time.

Image Courtesy : Pocket-int