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DECIBEL: The Best Mobile Speaker In The World

Best Mobile Speaker Decibel

Decibel is a mobile speaker and the first of a new generation of technology products. Decibel is not designed to be replaced, but designed to last. All components of Decibel are user upgradeable. This will allow your Decibel to stay for a long time in the future. Electronics are improving everyday. With processors that are getting faster, and wireless standards that keep developing, it seems like a never ending cycle. Decibel‘s electronics control module houses all of the devices electronics. This single module can be easily upgraded.

Upgradeability Is Key.

This speaker was built by keeping enhancement and upgradeability in mind. It actually allows you to replace any part inside of its anodized aluminum chassis including the speakers themselves. The speakers come with dual two-inch cast alloy bass drivers and two soft dome tweeters. It has rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, and even any of the electronics which sit on its board.

Other Features Matter As Well.

While upgradeability is clearly the focus of this device, other features include charging over USB-C or its wireless charging dock, Also, linking with other Decibel units for louder sound.

When important developments in technology sanction an update you will just replace the module and continue to enjoy your Decibel. By doing this you will avoid many tiny and completely unnecessary product iterations.

Sure To Provide Good Performance.

Decibel comes with two powerful two inch bass drivers and two ultra smooth soft dome tweeters. The cast alloy drivers are custom designed for Decibel and are of exquisite quality. Their audio design team has decades of combined experience. They have promised that no stone will go unturned in their hunt of benchmark performance. A simple Allen key allows the user to upgrade any component. There will be no voided warranties and no risk of damage.

Plans To Add New Features.

Module will only offer a component update in case when it is totally logical and has genuine benefits to offer to the owner. They plan to add new features like an always on voice assistant when they are fully developed and market ready.