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Das Keyboard 5Q – The First Ever Cloud Connected Smart Keyboard

Das Keyboard 5Q

Hey! Looking for the latest in computer peripherals? Looking for something that has attributes of connected gadgets? Well, you do not need to look any further than Das Keyboard 5Q which has just completed a very successful campaign at Kickstarter as the first ever cloud-connected keyboard. Well, Wi-Fi connected keyboards are already mainstream and there are plenty to choose from. But as computing is increasingly getting sophisticated with the edge of connectivity, no longer remote connectivity is not enough.

Here in case of connected peripherals less is actually never more. Among the array of smart keyboards that you can choose from this one stands as really unique thanks to its rich set of features and cloud connectivity. This mechanical smart Das Keyboard 5Q has all the attributes that make it the keyboard for the future desktop users.

How does it work?

A keyboard is not a computer but an input system, right? Yes, it is but the new Das Keyboard defies this logic by connecting directly to the web. It works actually by establishing a direct connection to the internet and each of the keys in it is lit by an RGB LED. Moreover, you can change the LED light color and exercise full control over this remotely. Actually, the keys are capable of glowing with the specific colored light on the basis of the input. Basically, the keys work as the visual notifications to give input and control the web interface.

Strong Specifications of Das Keyboard 5Q

Das Keyboard 5Q comes with very solid specs that literally propose a good value for money. Let us have a quick look at the specs.

  • This new cloud-connected mechanical keyboard offers Omron produced Gamma Zulu RGB switches that allow a travel distance of 3.5mm and 100 million actions for the entire lifetime.
  • According to experts, the switch of the keyboard offers a soft tactile feel much similar feel of the Cherry MX brown switches.
  • It is basically run on the Das Keyboard Q software and for activating the software there is an optically mounted ‘Q’ signed button in the top right corner of the keyboard.
  • By activating this Q software the users can set up the notifications that can further be stored on the cloud servers.

How Powerful is it?

It is a powerful keyboard with many never-before attributes, particularly speed of input and detecting. Let us have look at some of these.

  • Das Keyboard 5Q can detect a key input in just 0.4 milliseconds and the input can connect the computer and report in less than 1 millisecond.
  • Fast paced connectivity in spite of the remoteness from the computer makes it a better choice than any keyboard in the market.
  • According to the company statement on the Kickstarter page, it is at least 45 times faster than any other keyboard being used to connect to computers to this day.
  • This new technology is being referred as Real-Time One or, RTO because of this near real-time capability.
  • The visual notification provided by this keyboard is really intelligent to inform users regarding the progress of a project. All keys turning green means the project is completed. It is as simple as that.

There are also other impressive examples of how the keyboard offers visual output. It allows you setting up notifications with key colors for the status of software development, real-time CPU load, notification for urgent email, the progress of a project, and many other aspects. Furthermore, this cloud connected smart keyboard will allow developers building widgets to share the owners and users of such keyboards on a website of the user community. This, in turn, will help in fixing software issues and development of the software.

Our Verdict

As of now, this awesome keyboard project has received a huge response from the supporters in Kickstarter and has been funded by 2088 backers having reached $326,110 in a total amount which is already more than 3 times of the actual amount pledged for. For the early birds or backers of this product, the delivery is supposed to begin from December this year or early 2017.