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Daplie: A Personal Cloud System You Actually Own

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Here’s a review of an innovative new product that does more than just store your data on a hard drive, or on a server farm. It’s the Personal Cloud System by Daplie.

So What Is A Personal Cloud System?

Daplie has answered that question with a very elegant solution that uses secure software and authentication with a plug and play server and expandable storage. This allows the user to actually maintain ownership and control of their data both physically and virtually. Not Google, not Facebook, or any of the other guys that make money off your personal information. If you want a back up at another location for redundancy, you can do that too.

The Personal Cloud System Does More Than Cloud Storage.

Because Daplie’s Cloud is an actual server (that you attach storage to), it can do things like host websites and email, run and host apps from it’s secure app store, and much more. Besides giving you back control of your content from cloud companies, you will soon be able to stack on a IoT add-on called Home Module to connect to your security system, home automation, and other smart devices. Google and Amazon don’t need to have recordings of everything you’ve said in your house, and your security company employees don’t need to see what’s going on in your living room. That’s because with Daplie technology you no longer need the middle man.

Your Data Is Only As Secure As The Places It Visits, And The Ways It Gets There.

The software is more than encryption; it bypasses third party servers to deliver your data in its most minimal form, while securing it from data mining. This is a big differentiator in the marketplace. Your data is stored where no one but you has access to it, travels incognito so it can’t be hacked along the way, and prevents access while it is performing tasks for you: banking, buying, sharing to your personal network. You don’t have to be the victim of the next Yahoo or LinkedIn hack.

You Don’t Have To Sacrifice Ownership and Control For Convenience.

When you set up Cloud by Daplie you choose an address like as a secure access point to access all of your content and data from anywhere with an Internet connection. The technical setup of DNS, Encryptions, etc. is all done automatically for you. From there, all you have to do is download an app for things like cloud storage, website hosting, or streaming your movies. There is no limit to the number of people you can share content with, and it doesn’t matter what device or operating system they have. You can even give them different permission levels to access and collaborate in shared folders. Unlike other cloud solutions, you can add as much storage to Cloud as you want and never pay monthly.


You can maintain complete ownership over Daplie, just by paying a one time fee. There will be plenty of storage and the ability to add more if you need it. There is total and complete privacy in Daplie. Also, it works across all your devices. You get to decide who you want to share your data with. Finally, it’s a personal cloud that is truly personal and secure. To check out how truly remarkable the Personal Cloud System is, visit