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CTRL The Robot – The World’s Handiest Robot Launched at CES 2017

CTRL The Robot

Launching at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week is a small robot with very big possibilities.

CTRL the Robot’, is a robot arm that looks every bit as impressive at the big industrial robots costing several hundred thousand dollars. However, this retrenched version is designed to be affordable for homes, schools and small businesses.

Desktop-sized Robot Arms

CTRL is created by the in house team at Robotics Evolved. There dream has been to create a whole new category of desktop-sized robot arms. CTRL the Robot has been engineered so that anyone can control a robot, straight out of the box. You will be able to connect CTRL the Robot via the USB port and start inventing tasks for this elegant little robot immediately.

Perform Any Tasks with CTRL

CTRL The Robot Surface Pen

CTRL opens up a whole world of possibilities right from being used to write names in icing on cupcakes, to teaching children to learning code while inventing games, to performing automated tasks for businesses.

Open-source Software

The team at Robotics Evolved has made the software open-source. So CTRL the Robot is compatible with any programming language that users may prefer. It comes with example applications with source code. It also has ‘Motion CTRL Studio’ software to easily run diagnostics, visualise movements and script interactively. CTRL can also be manipulated by hand to learn and mimic movements.

In the Box

In the box you also get a gripping tool, with a range of interchangeable arm tools to follow including suction pads, spray nozzles, laser engraving tools and more. The team has made this technology open-source, the mechanical, electronic and firmware source, just so users can invent their own tools and 3D print them. Just by adding a camera, you can give CTRL the Robot  the ability to find and recognise.

Brushless Motors

CTRL the Robot can lift and carry with incredible precision with the help of a full range of movement through 6 axis articulation. It also uses specially designed brushless servo motors for smooth motion. It roughly stands at the height of a piece of A4 paper, it can reach as far as a human arm and carry up to 1.7 pounds (750 grams).

You could soon have CTRL the Robot helping you with the cooking, beating you at chess, or acting like a miniature factory at your work just by pairing two or more arms together on a torso.

CTRL is a Total Game Changer

Robots have traditionally been very expensive and therefore only accessible by the privileged few. But CTRL the Robot is here to change that. It gives robot power to the people. Once you have created clever and useful tasks for their personal robot, you can also share the code with other users globally.

CTRL the Robot has been prototyped and tested but is looking to crowd-fund the final manufacturing preparations through Kickstarter. You can get t see CTRL the Robot at the Jetta booth, stand 41853 at CES 2017.