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CONDUIT Sports: Bone Conducting Headphones


Are you looking for a new pair of bone conducting headphones? You may be interested in a new set of both in-ear and off-ear headphones. These have been created by CONDUIT Sports. These pair of headphones can be worn around the back of your head or over your neck to listen to your favorite music on the go or while exercising. It has Off-Ear and In-Ear modes, so you can control how you would like to listen to your audio.

Dual Band Design

The bone conducting headphones give access to touch volume and track controls. They offer a dual band design with sound switcher technology and a titanium frame. The headphones are also equipped with a noise counseling microphone and are sweat resistant. That allows you to enjoy workouts and sports without worry of damaging your audio gear.

IP55 certified

When worn around the head, you can listen to either Off-Ear or In-Ear sound. When worn around the neck, you can hide the device under a hoodie or collar and listen to the Bassteck earphones. CONDUIT Sports are IP55 certified, making them dust, rain and sweat resistant, so you can be confident CONDUIT will keep working in the most extreme situations.

Rubber and Silicon Frame

CONDUIT Sports are designed with stylish anchor points for their Bassteck earphones. It allows you to easily store the earphones when they are not in use. Each earphone is tethered to the anchor point with a premium rubber cable. It ensures that you’ll never have to worry about tangled cords or which earphone goes where again. CONDUIT Sports has a lightweight and hyper-flexible titanium frame. You can twist and bend it without worrying and even fold it up for easy storage. The frame is covered in premium rubber and silicone, for your comfort.

Dual Noise Cancelling

CONDUIT Sports comes with inbuilt magnetic proximity sensors. It knows where to deliver the music. The sound is automatically transferred from the Off-Ear speakers to the earphones when they’re removed from the anchor points. This ensures a hassle free switch. CONDUIT Sports are fitted with dual noise canceling microphones to drown out exterior noise. This is really useful when you take calls or use voice commands. This makes sure that you’re clearly heard even in the noisiest environments.

Volume Controls

CONDUIT Sports has on-board multifunction and volume controls. You don’t have to reach for your phone while exercising. The multifunction button allows you to pause and move between songs, answer and end calls. It can also be used to alternate between In-Ear and Off-Ear modes. Also, to activate Android or Apple voice controls, while the volume buttons are directly linked to your phone.

Battery Life

It has six hours of full-volume active battery life, days of standby and two hours to complete charge. This means CONDUIT Sports will always be ready. If you forget to charge them, the Conduit Assist voice program will let you know when you’re running low. It is to be charged through a micro USB cable. They use the most common charging cable in the world. CONDUIT Sports are crafted with the latest Bluetooth technology. They provide a reliable 10m wireless range at all times.


CONDUIT Sports are equipped with our CONDUIT Assist help program. It talks you through Bluetooth pairing, eliminating connection issues. CONDUIT Assist also provides voice reminders when the device is running low on battery. CONDUIT Sports comes with a pre-packaged multiband equalizer app. It allows you to control how you hear your music in either the Off-Ear or In-Ear modes.

Off-Ear Technology

CONDUIT Sports are the first headphones in the world to seamlessly combine In-Ear and Off-Ear technologies, allowing users to either block out the world and hear only the music, or to hear everything around them and the music at the same time. Off-Ear transducers provide premium sound. They don’t block or cover the ear canal. It ensures you remain alerted to your surroundings at all times. The industry’s best audio experts have worked on the transducers to guarantee the sound hits the right highs and lows. It gives you an outstanding listening experience.

Shipping in November

It comes with Bluetooth 4.2, and it has a wireless range of 10 meters. It has a lightweight titanium frame. Also, the design is sweat resistant. The CONDUIT Sports headphones are available to back for a price starting from $76. The shipping expected to take place during November 2017.