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SpeakEasy: A Robust Smart Speaker with Voice Control

Como Audio SpeakEasy

A new company named Como Audio has just come up with a compact speaker system that will allow the user to access their music from a variety of sources. There is no surprise in the already common feature that allows playing music tracks with spoken commands and there are dozens of products offering the same in the market. But what makes SpeakEasy different is the exceptional ease of use and its outstanding audio quality.

SpeakEasy was introduced by Como Audio just at the very first date of this month in Manhattan with a press event. SpeakEasy is going to be available in few distinct colour shades including Walnut, Hickory, Gloss White and Gloss Black. From the outward appearance it looks very stylish and robust.

It also unleashed a Kickstarter project

In spite of launching the product before the press, for raising fund for the development of the product the company decided to roll a Kickstarter campaign as well. By opening a Kickstarter project that would last 48 hours, the company introduced a lucrative offer for the early backers or buyers of this product. The early backers of the SpeakEasy can order the speaker with a walnut finish for just $199.99, while the regular price of the speaker is going to be $349.99.

Voice control with Google Assistant

When it comes to voice control, the SpeakEasy offers inbuilt Google Assistant support to help you play the speaker with simple and easy voice commands. On both sides of the speaker there are two mounted microphones that would capture your voice for commands. With easy and minimum voice commands you can play or pause music, switch to particular tracks and control volume. Moreover, as the speaker has Google Assistant onboard, you can also ask the SpeakEasy for weather updates, news and latest traffic information.

Access broader range of music

When it comes to accessing music from various sources, SpeakEasy offers an array of options. You can access your music from Google Play or Spotify account or several other streaming and music store services and play them on this speaker system. The speaker also comes with internet radio to play local or international stations. There are four different LED’s on the speaker to help you understand what Google Assistant is suggesting. On top of all these, the speaker also sports a clock to show the time.

It is portable but sports several ports

SpeakEasy is highly portable but it also requires ports for a power source. The SpeakEasy comes equipped with power cables of standard 110V or 240V. You can also buy a speaker with an optional battery pack. The speaker also sports a rear port to help it boost the bass output. The same rear port also helps to handle the speaker for carrying from one room to the other.

Easy controls onboard

While the speaker displays time on the front panel the photocell sensor inside it adjusts the light to the ambience. For controlling the speaker apart from voice control you also have buttons on the front panel and dials to allow you control speaker volume, track changing, playing and pausing music and turning the microphone on or off. The speaker also comes with Bluetooth 4.2 support to allow you play music directly from your phone or tablet. In case you want to charge your phone, there is also a USB 5V/1A output.

The Speakeasy is also the first speaker unleashed by the Como Audio that features fully fledged support for the Chromecast to help you play music across multiple rooms. For multi-room music playing all you require is a simple Chromecast Audio dongle allowing you play music across rooms.

High quality built

The SpeakEasy looks really portable and small in footprint but it is a solid speaker system that measures 9.4 x 4.9 x 5 inches in dimension. When you consider the inside elements that make up this speaker systems, you will find a 3-inch custom dual voice coil woofer along with a 3/4-inch tweeter built with reinforced polymer fiber. The speaker also features DSP equaliser and a robust 25-watt amplifier to deliver optimum sound output. The buyers can also opt for an additional speaker to reproduce the music with equal intensity. This companion speaker is available at an additional cost of just $129.99.


The flash sale of the SpeakEasy through 48 hour Kickstarter campaign makes it really an affordable and lucrative choice as a future ready speaker with everything you require for great audio listening experience and smart audio accessibility. The SpeakEasy as of now seems to have really bullish features to edge out the competition.