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CMRA – Capture Things Quickly with Cameras on your Wrist


Glide, an instant messaging video platform, just recently announced a new wearable called CMRA. CMRA comes with a 2-megapixel self-facing camera and an 8-megapixel outward-facing camera to capture crisp pictures and clear videos. CMRA is an Apple Watch strap that allows users to click pictures and record videos from their wrist.

CMRA easily connects to your phone via Bluetooth. The band also has its own battery and an 8GB of internal storage for the pictures and videos that you capture. The photos and videos captured can then be viewed on your phone using the companion app. The objective of providing a front-facing and a rear-facing camera is to provide the same functionality that you get on your smartphone.

Powerful and Precise Design on your Wrist

CMRA is a band which is polished and beautifully designed from the inside out. This wearable is designed for you to have a camera on your wrist that would allow you to video chat as well as click pictures which would otherwise be missed in the process of reaching out for a smartphone.

A simply jerk of the wrist sets up the frame for the camera. Ideo has contributed in the designing of the band for making the camera quick and easy to use. It has a single button that sits below the 8-megapixel camera. A single tap on the button will click pictures and a press will record videos for you. You need to double tap in order to toggle between the two cameras.

Incorporating the cameras on the band with a solid battery, fast processor, and GPS doesn’t make the design uncomfortable at all. Soft flex points have been added around the battery, button, and sensors to make sure the band looked and felt flexible.

Nice Things to Offer in a Small Design

  • Cameras: It has got 2 HD cameras. One is an 8-megapixel outward-facing camera and the other is a 2-megapixel self-facing camera. Using the cameras, you can also record crisp, high-quality videos. The cameras can also be used for live video chatting. The cameras allow tilt balancing, lens correction, noise reduction, and pixel optimization for crisp photos and videos.
  • Battery: CMRA comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It allows you to capture hundreds of photos or 30 minutes of video per charge. There is a dual charging dock included that can charge your Apple Watch and CMRA, together. It includes a battery pack that holds 2 full charges.
  • Storage: The band comes with 8GB of onboard memory for you to store your pictures and videos.
  • LED Indicators: The LED indicators on the band inform when CMRA is in use.
  • Connectivity: CMRA has got both WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. It easily syncs with your photo gallery so you can store, edit, and share on your favorite apps.

CMRA Releasing Next Year

The CMRA band is available in four different colors: teal, white gray, and black. The band is set to release in spring 2017 but is available for pre-order for $149. The regular price will $249 once it releases next year. The band ships to U.S. and Canada.


Glide CEO Ari Roisman feels that cameras are only valuable when they are out and ready to click. The selling point of CMRA is that allows us to click pictures or record videos without relying too much on our smartphones. Roisman says that the company is taking pre-orders to know how many bands to build. CMRA has a smart and smooth design, with two decent cameras. It is a good attempt to make cameras handy. You would require WatchOS 3 and iOS10 for CMRA to work.