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Circadia Is The First Contactless Sleep System

Circadia is the first contactless sleep system

Circadia is your personal sleep trainer with AI. It was inspired by NASA. Circadia is the world’s first solution that adjusts your internal body clock using solid state lighting technology and analysis of your sleep. Existing Sleep Trackers just track and most light therapy devices just act. When it comes to your health, but the team at Circadia doesn’t believe in a ‘one-size’ fits all concept. Circadia learns and adapts to you, providing you with personalised diagnostics and therapy in one closed feedback loop.

Sensing Technology.

State-of-the-art sensing technology built into the tracker is able to gather clinical grade sleep data in your bedroom. This data allows the Circadia system to analyze your sleep with unparalleled accuracy and detail, and all this from up to 8-feet away. The Sleep Tracker monitors your heart rate, breathing rate and body movement with sleep lab-tested 98% accuracy. It then uses this information to predict sleep stages using learning algorithms.

Patent Pending Technology.

Circadia’s patent pending technology tracks your sleeping patterns. It has a sleep lab tested accuracy of 98% and models your body clock using your sleeping patterns. It uses artificial intelligence to create a personalised sleep improvement program to help you resync your body clock.

Circadia gives you push notifications on-the-go helping you resync your body clock to improve your sleep.

The system integrates with:

  • Fitbit
  • NEST
  • Apple HealthKit
  • Apple HomeKit
  • MyFitnessPal

In order to enhance your wake up process, the integrated light & audible work together to determine your optimal wake-up time.

1. Light: a built-in dawn simulating wake up light triggers 15-30 minutes before your ideal wake up time to help you wake up naturally.

2. Sound: a customizable audible alarm allows you to set your favorite wake-up sounds like that’s your Spotify playlist, soothing tunes like birds chirping, a digital radio station or the classic buzzer.

The Circadia Smart Lamp.

The Circadia Smart Lamp uses data from your sleep to help you re-sync your body clock throughout the day. A personalized sleep improvement programme based on light is automatically generated to help you re-adjust your body clock.

Here’s how Circadia works:

  • Morning: up to 45 minutes of exposure in the morning can help you beat your morning grogginess using blue light technology.
  • Afternoon: for the post-lunch dip just 20 minutes of exposure can help suppress melatonin, the hormone that makes you drowsy.
  • Evening: just 30 minutes of use pre-bedtime can help you wind down your body and prevent your natural melatonin cycle from being disrupted.

Circadia uses data from your sleep. With that it automatically creates a personalised light therapy programme from the second you wake up. With just 20 minutes of exposure after you wake up, it helps you warm up for the day and suppress melatonin, the hormone that makes us drowsy.

Dynamic Lighting Technology.

Dynamic lighting technology allows the Smart Lamp to help you with a shot of “visual caffeine” during the day, and powers through the night when you need to burn the midnight oil. Light stimulation can give you this boost without the 6-hour half-life of caffeine which may make you restless at night.

Jet Lag Mode.

The Jet Lag mode allows you to adjust your body clock before, during and after your travel. Circadia is pocket-sized, the size of a small Moleskine notebook. It’s designed for everyone, those with a 9 to 5 lifestyle or the jet-setters.

The Sleep Tracker allows Circadia to detect the exact moment you fall asleep. The Sleep Tracker then sends this information to the Therapy Lamp. It automatically generates a wind-down light therapy mode.

The use of the Smart Lamp allows you to begin preparing your body for a good night’s rest. It should be used for 30 to 90 minutes. Mimicking dusk, it allows you to wind down mentally and promote the release of hormones which induce sleep by preventing your body clock from getting out-of-sync.

The Sleep Tracker.

The Sleep Tracker works in accordance with the Smart Lamp. For light sleepers, the integrated light and audible alarm features in the sleep tracker will be sufficient to wake you up. For deeper sleepers who take longer to get started in the morning, the Smart Lamp boosts your wake-up process by suppressing hormones that make you feel drowsy.

Pre-order On Indiegogo.

The Circadia sleep tracker is scheduled to be delivered next year and is priced at $100.