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Chromebox – The Ultimate Gadget for Home and Office Use

Asus Chromebox

Chromebox is a small factor PC that runs Google’s Chrome operating system. As it primarily supports a single application, Chromebox relies heavily on an Internet connection to run its operations. With a powerful processor, inbuilt storage and RAM, and access to a world of apps, Chromebox is designed to meet the technology needs of people in their professional and personal lives.

Chromebox for Office Use

Chromebox for meetings is specially designed to offer high-quality video conferencing in the corporate world. The Chromebox can be deployed in minutes, allowing users to manage devices with ease. With an easily shareable meeting link, users can now invite colleagues and partners to join meetings through the Chromebox. Users can also efficiently integrate the Chromebox with other existing phone and video conferencing systems. Additionally, users can automatically create and join meetings from the Google Calendar, share presentations and meet colleagues and co-workers through laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Chromebox for Personal Use

With a multitude of connectivity options, Chromebox is an ideal gadget for home use as well. It incorporates HDMI and DisplayPort for connecting to multiple displays including VESA-mountable monitor and HD TVs. It possesses an inbuilt SD card reader for easy access to stored photos and documents. It supports up to 4K UHD playback that brings the best quality web content, from movies and TV shows to HD photos and web browsing. The large collection of offline apps lets users play games and edit documents easily, even without an Internet connection.

Incredible Features

  • It has an easy out-of-the-box set up and is lightweight and compact.
  • The integrated virus and malware protection ensures elevated security.
  • Automatic updates and instant booting and synchronization with existing Chrome services make Chromebox a much sought after gadget.
  • It comes with a large storage of free Google Drive space.
  • It provides easy access to files and data through the Google account, anytime, anywhere and from any device.
  • Web based management controls make deploying and controlling users, devices and apps easy.
  • The 4th generation Intel processors support super-fast multitasking performance through dual-band wireless connection.
  • The USB 3.0 ports support data transfer.

Companies Building the Chromebox

There are several companies who have launched different variants of the Chromebox to meet the distinct requirements in the home and office environments. The first Chromebox was released by Samsung in 2012, followed by Google, Asus, HP, Acer and Dell. Each Chromebox boasts of an assortment of personalized features that are specifically designed for professional and personal use.

Price Range

Since Chromebox is being developed by various companies, users have the freedom to choose the perfect Chromebox depending on their requirement. While the Acer models range between $179.99 and $219.99 and Lenovo’s range between $199 and $279, Google’s Chromebox is a more sophisticated gadget with two options: the small room bundle for up to 8 people (available from $999) and the large room bundle for up to 20 people (available from $1,999). Both bundles come with a bunch of top-notch capabilities like HD camera, microphone and speaker, remote control, Google Hangouts and management and support.

Final Verdict

By bringing the speed and security of the Chrome OS to laptops, desktops and tablets, the Chromebox redefines the overall computing experience. The inbuilt virus and malware protection ensures user data is secure at all times. The various connectivity options support multiple devices, offering users a gamut of display choices. The gamut of online and offline apps enable users to work and play at the same time. Choose the perfect Chromebox from a variety of brands and explore the world of innovative computing.