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ChargEST – World’s Smallest and Most-Advanced Universal Travel Adapter

ChargEST Universal Travel Adapter

ChargEST is world’s smallest travel adapter whose design elements of are fairly simple but highly functional. ChargEST works with every socket outlet and plug standard in the world. One adapter is all you need for any of 150 countries including the United States, the UK, Australia and all of Europe.

Two devices have been introduced by the Bulgarian based startup company Forward. The first is the adapter itself, the other being a 6300 mAh power bank that follows the ChargEST design line.

Charge Android Devices and iPhones using ChargEST

ChargEST has two height-adjustable (retractable) Micro-USB pins that enable cable-less charging. In addition, there are Lightning and USB-C adapters that cover all major charging standards on the market, meaning that you can charge Android phones and iPhones at the same time. These integrated pins are adjustable to cater devices with protective cases. Best of all you can also charge tablets, e-readers or any other mobile device. ChargEST has three fast-charging USB ports, which can charge all your additional electronic devices or gadgets.

Some Technical Details

ChargEST voltage ranges from 110 to 250V, covering all electrical network standards worldwide. Each Micro-USB provides a 2.1A charging power, meaning that two phones can be charged simultaneously to full battery in less than an hour – useful when you’re on the move. Three additional USB ports provide 2.1A of shared charging power, but as the funding campaign is growing we are promised to have an improvement on that. The cable-less charging makes it convenient as one doesn’t have to carry a bunch of different cables and adapters that will inevitably get tangled up when stored together in a bag.

The GoGreen Button

The main socket outlet is compatible with all globally used standards, and that’s just in case you already have a phone charger but not the right pin type for that country. To stay true to its small and compact design, all power plugs and pin adapters are conveniently stored in the storage compartments at the back of the device. So you will never have to worry about forgetting or losing them anymore. Once all pins are removed and stored, the adapter becomes a compact 3.15″X3.15″X1.57″ rectangular box that fits in your pocket easily. Its slim plastic design reduces the weight to just 130g. The “GoGreen” button powers turn off the adapter when it’s not in use so as to reduce your electricity bill. You can choose one of two colors – Pearl White and Noir Black.

Ready for Pre-order

ChargEST can be preordered on IndieGoGo, at a discounted price of $49 for the adapter and $39 for the power bank, or as a package. There are further discounts for bundle orders. The ChargEST Double adapter sells for $69 and gives you an additional socket outlet to plug in an extra device. You can also purchase an extra Lightning pin for $9 as an addition to another order.

Safety Features

The unit is built to stringent standards and has several safety features like a childproof socket, protection from overcharge, temperature protection, short circuit protection, and voltage variation.

Expected to Deliver in 2017

Mass production testing begins in February 2017. Early Bird perks are set to be delivered by May 2017, and all other backers are scheduled to receive their orders on the following month.