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Ceramic Speakers: Most Original And Fine Sounding Speakers

Ceramic Speakers

With the launch of the new Ceramic Speakers, designer and artist, Joey Roth has been able to minimize the differences between art and technology. The device produced by Joey Roth is not just a pragmatic piece of audio equipment, but it can also be seen as a blank canvas for other artists as well. The Ceramic Speaker system has a very chic and modern design, which is minimalistic not just in the aesthetic department, but also in the functioning of the system as a whole.

Organic Flow.

When a product is designed and produced with the purpose of evoking such an excitement, you can’t help but use it. The Ceramic Speaker compound has a very organic sound flow which is often lost in other speaker systems. This organic flow embellishes the motion of sound waves. There is a tubular white sub that offers an extended base for a fuller sound and goes on in that tradition.

The Packaging.

The Ceramic Speaker system by Joey Roth is not your regular speaker system. You won’t be able to find it just anywhere in your typical retail store. You are gonna have to have them shipped for you. What makes the product packaging important is the aspect that the speaker system is going to be shipped to you by one of the very few shippers on the list. None of those shippers are known for their gentleness at carrying their packages.

But Joey Roth’s packaging is a bit different. The choice includes no EPS or EPE foam. Almost all the things in the box are biodegradable. Simple things like instructions on how to use the system are also printed on recycled paper. There is a toughen corrugated cardboard box which is strong enough to protect the speakers from any kind of abuse or damage. The speakers are placed in the very centre of the box, which in turn helps in making sure that you don’t receive a box of broken porcelain.

Cone-Shaped Speakers.

The speakers in the Ceramic Speaker system are really in the shape of a cone. These are just about the size of a cereal bowl. These cones comfortably sit on a little wood stand that you can easily assemble yourself. The cables are of 16-gauge and connect to the part of the T-amp. Then there are these banana plugs which might seem to be a bit difficult to handle. But this will only make you understand that this is a serious piece of hardware. It is not just any mass produced plastic device, but it’s a specially designed product. There is one Stereo Tripass amplifier which provides power to these speakers. It is enfolded in a steel paddock with volume knob.

Costs A lot.

What makes the Ceramic Speaker system a hard sell is the pricing. It is available at a price of $500. This system can prove to be too expensive for people who are used to buying speakers in the range of $100. But the truth is this system is for those who are more inclined towards design and pure sound. The speaker system is loud and clear. The speaker system is not just beautiful and interesting, but is also very useful.

Almost Perfect Speakers.

The Ceramic Speakers are set of really well-built speakers that look every bit like a design exhibit. The speakers are smart and beautiful right from the packaging to the tiniest detail. Even the cables that accompany the speakers are pretty. There is a separate unit that consists of the volume control slider. This looks really cool. The cone shaped speakers sit comfortably on the smooth wooden stands. The only problem you will have with the speakers is that it lacks the bass, this will probably be your only complain about them.