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Canopy – A Sleek Keyboard Case for iOS Devices

Canopy Keyboard Case

No matter how large smartphone and tablet screens get there is nothing that compares to the feeling you get while typing on a physical keyboard. Physical keyboards are easier to type on than touchscreen keyboards, especially when you are typing for an extended period of time. Physical keyboards do take space, and you need to carry it everywhere with you.

In the past, we have seen built-in Bluetooth keyboards for tablets, like Apple’s Smart Keyboard, and cases for products like Apple’s Wireless Keyboard. But a Texas-based company called Studio Neat is going to release a new case for Apple’s Magic Keyboard named Canopy. So using that case, users can sync it to their iPads or iPhones while on the go.

Design: Thin, but Rigid

The Apple Magic Keyboard is very thin and light. Canopy is easy to slip into your bag, yet still rigid and robust enough to handle whatever you throw at it. Canopy weighs just 170 grams. Canopy is specially designed for the Apple Magic Keyboard, but it will still connect via Bluetooth to any device. Use it with an iPhone, an iPad Mini, and an iPad Pro. You can continue using it when you get a new iPad, as it is not tied to any specific device.

Canopy features a durable synthetic canvas exterior, a microfiber interior, a leather strap, and stainless steel snap. It’s tough on the outside, still soft on the inside to be soft to your devices. The Apple Magic Keyboard is attached via micro-suction pads, to hold it firmly in place, but is easy to remove without leaving a mark.

Using the Canopy Case

Canopy aims to offer a comfortable typing experience on your iOS device while still holding everything in a slim and sleek package. You can fold the case up in a folio style, and use the clasp and loop to keep everything locked inside. When the Canopy is closed, it holds Apple’s Magic Keyboard via micro-suction pads and keeps it safe in the sleek and lightweight design. When you need to use the keyboard, undo the clasp and flip back the upper two portions of the canopy and fasten the clasp, that way it will become a stand for your iPhone or iPad.

Opening up the case gives you a sturdy place to rest your iOS device for the typing. Canopy can be used anywhere, be it your desk, bed, lap, or while on a plane or train.

Take the Apple Magic Keyboard and stick it to the bottom portion of the case. The spongy material on the case that uses suction to fasten itself without using any sticky adhesives.

Trying to Deliver by Christmas

To buy Canopy, you can head over to Studio Neat’s site to pre-order the case for just $40. The pre-orders are expected to be out by Christmas, but there is no guarantee about the ship date.

Final Word

Canopy is a comfortable case for your Apple Magic Keyboard which makes it really easy to carry the keyboard with you on go and also act as your iPad at the same time. Even though Canopy has a thin design, it protects the keyboard from any damage.