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Caavo is a Box That Aims to Merge All Your TV Streaming Boxes and Services


The Caavo TV box was announced last week. It’s not exactly a streaming box, but rather a universal control system for every other streaming box you might have. You can plug in an Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV stick, or your regular cable box, and then simply ask for content. The Caavo will figure out what device has that content, and then play it on your TV.

What is Caavo?

Caavo is a new media company that is blending home entertainment. Caavo brings together all your devices, services and control by connecting pay TV, streaming, and gaming. They work together smoothly, making it easy to find and play all your favorite TV.

What will Caavo do?

The aim of Caavo is to make it easy for you to watch the stuff you want with minimal fuss. With endless number of new TV shows and movies to watch, spread across multiple services like Netflix, Amazon, and HBO Go and living-room gadgets such as cable boxes and game consoles, just watching the next episode of a show you want can be a real task. Caavo is expensive, but the way it simplifies the process can seem almost magical.

A sleek box.

The box is as sleek as any AV device around. It comes with a bunch of HDMI ports as well as other connections like USB and Ethernet. All this is housed in a low-profile wood case. There are other finishes available. The other part of the package is a universal remote with a select few keys on the face and a matching wood back.

Easy to use.

Caavo is an easy-to-use box. You can plug all your entertainment devices Caavo, and control them with an even simpler remote. Caavo blends your entertainment world and gives you access to everything you have or want. For the first time, home entertainment is merged into one system and one screen, all controlled by an easy-to-use remote. No more input switching, remote juggling, or endless button pushing.

Every interaction with Caavo, right from setup to the on-screen interface to the physical box and remote, is designed to be easy, intuitive, and elegant.

Auto Detect: Plug in devices like AppleTV, Roku, FireTV, cable and satellite and gaming into any port and Caavo will configure it.
Unified Control: Use Caavo’s simple remote to control it all be it pay TV, streaming, and gaming. Your game controllers and old remotes will still work too.
On-Command TV: On-Command TV feature lets you speak into the Caavo remote, and turn your TV on. It finds what you want to watch and plays from wherever you left off.
Universal Search: You just search once for a show or movie and Caavo will find it for you across all your content, including pay TV.
Universal Watchlists: You can see everything you’ve recently watched. It is all organized onto one screen and sorted by service.
Total Access: Using Caavo, find all your favorite apps and services together in one place.

Available for Preorder.

The high-end entertainment system supports up to eight devices, enough for even the most connected living rooms to manage it all with Caavo. The warm, customizable woods that top Caavo make it feel like a tasteful piece of furniture for the living room. The lean-back design delivers the most relaxing TV experience with an intuitive remote. Caavo will be available this fall for $400, with preorders starting in May.