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Butterfleye – The Home Surveillance Camera that you Deserve!

Butterfleye Camera

Smart home monitoring cameras have flooded the market and have brought in new features like Nest’s Dropcam, Flir FX  and the like. Here is a new contender for the home surveillance and security space – Butterfleye. This is a ‘smart’ camera, which can be connected to your smartphone and will notify you when you are not around.

The Distinct Camera that isn’t Normal

The makers claim that their device has all features packed into one including wireless operation and internal storage of nearly 12 hours of footage. The device offers free cloud storage for every 24 hours. There are paid-for storage options if you need the storage to extend the normal period.

Butterfleye also boasts of the movement sensors like its rivals and can also differentiate between a person and an animal. It also has facial recognition feature which means that the camera would identify the household members and strangers, at least in theory.

Smart Notifications through Smart Detection of Patterns and Habits

The camera is smart enough to know your habits, thus sending in smarter notifications with time. Tree branches blowing in the wind will not trigger alarms just as people moving on TV wouldn’t be a trigger.

It has an inbuilt two-way mic on board so that you can stop or instruct your dog if you have problems about its activity. Also, since it offers activity-based recording, not all moments are captured by the camera. It also includes tamper notifications, if someone is moving the camera or changing its angle or setting it up again.

This means that one of the best features of Butterfleye is that it will never capture empty footage, which does not make any sense. With relevant captures, your time to check surveillance videos is lesser than ever before! With 1080p HD recording feature, the videos and images are also of top-notch quality!

Salient Features of the ButterFleye Camera that Stands Apart

  • A wireless home surveillance camera that allows you to check in a live video feed through the iPhone
  • Equipped with thermal sensor, motion detector, and even a smart facial recognition technology.
  • Wi-Fi and iBeacon technologies help change the iPhone setting mode from “away” to “home” mode in case you are near to the camera itself.
  • The Canary includes a three-axis accelerometer night/infrared vision, an effective humidity sensor, a smart temperature sensor, and even an air quality detection system
  • Video and still shots are captured in the event of any motion, heat, or new faces. The technology is termed Active Eye Technology” by its creators which will eventually work with devices like the Pebble smartwatch along with intelligent lighting systems.
  • If your dog or child is camera-friendly, there would be multiple “selfies” sent to your iPhone for instant sharing with social networks.
  • You can also use camera’s microphone and speaker to have a conversation with the person in the room.
  • It will last for two weeks on battery power in case there is power failure.

The camera also has a security solution like the Canary that includes wide-angle lens with HD capturing features and motion detection. It even has the ability to sense a fire.

Pricing and Investment

The company had an Indiegogo goal of $100,000, which has crossed about five times because of the increasing interest within only five days.

To reserve the camera, the cost is presently set at $199 with $10 shipping charges. The company will be shipping its product in December 2015 to all those who backed them. The retail price is expected to be around $249.