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Brighten your Life with Lucy Sunlight Bender

Lucy Sunlight Bender

With massive growth in population and the urbanization of villages, energy needs have grown manifold. Non-renewable sources of energy have been powering homes and offices for decades, but the resources have been fast depleting, compelling the world to turn to renewable sources of energy. Modern technology, when coupled with a renewable source of energy like solar, has the capability to result in a better tomorrow.

Reflects Sunlight to Brighten Rooms

Created by an Italian hardware startup company Solenica, Lucy Sunlight Bender is a smart, solar-powered robot that follows the sun and automatically reflects sunlight into rooms. Using a mirror, Lucy Sunlight Bender bends according to the position of the sun to naturally illuminate dark areas. It contains intelligent sensors that track the sun throughout the day, ensuring maximum reflection and maximum illumination. Lucy Sunlight Bender appears like a lamp and functions like one too, reflecting light in the required direction and creating a natural glow.

A Dark Office Led to the Creation of Lucy

Founder and CEO of Solenica, Diva Tommei personally experienced the lack of sunlight in her room which steered her to build the intelligent robot Lucy. While the environment around her shone like gold all day long, she was forced to work in a dark room hampering her productivity.

Abundant Benefits

Lucy Sunlight Bender incorporates Italian design using minimalistic constituents. With Lucy Sunlight Bender, people can now gain Vitamin D, save huge amounts on their energy bills and at the same time use it as a home décor piece.

Components of Lucy Sunlight Bender

Lucy Sunlight Bender consists of some very basic components that provides excellent light through the conversion of solar energy:

  • An adaptive mirror that effectively reflects sunrays
  • Intelligent photo sensors that track the position of the sun all day long
  • A sphere which houses the mirror and all the other components, restricting direct exposure to the sun
  • A photo voltaic cell that converts light energy
  • A pointer which needs to be placed in the direction where light is needed
  • A resting post that keeps the device sturdy and in position

No Installation Needed

Lucy Sunlight Bender is portable and easy to use. Weighing only 2.5 Kgs, it can be placed either indoors or outdoors, depending on the requirement and the position of the sun. By redirecting sunlight to the required area, Lucy Sunlight Bender has the capability to brighten the room as long as the sun shines. Since it is powered by solar energy, there is no need to charge the device, and hence is an efficient alternative to electricity provided by lamps. Lucy turns on by itself when the sun rises, follows the sun throughout the day and goes to sleep at sunset.

Soon to be available

Solenica has successfully launched a working prototype of Lucy Sunlight Bender that has attracted the attention and curiosity of thousands worldwide. The company is currently looking to for investors for funding their project. Lucy Sunlight Bender is on the path to commercialization, with Solenica looking to manufacture it in large numbers and make it available to people across the globe. As of today, the company is selling Lucy Sunlight Bender for $199 on pre-order. In the future, Solenica plans to integrate IT into Lucy to make it an integral component in the Internet of Things.


With Lucy Sunlight Bender, people can now bid goodbye to darkness. By incorporating intelligent sensors and an adaptive mirror, Lucy Sunlight Bender has the ability to follow the sun all day long, illuminating homes and offices and making people more active, productive and happy.